MOTOROLA ATRIX™ HD on AT&T : Vehicle Navigation Dock

Description :

The new MOTOROLA ATRIX™ HD not only has the looks that turns heads, but also the brains to take you to the top of the charts. 

This phone is remarkably thin but is made with DuPont™ KEVLAR® fiber on back and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass display on front, with a splash-guard coating all around for a durable build that puts your mind at ease.

AT&T’s latest offering, the Motorola Atrix HD, is clearly part of the Android camp, where from this Sunday onwards, it will be made available in all AT&T channels for $99.99 and a new two-year agreement.

Owners of the Motorola Atrix HD might find the smartphone to be worth their while thanks to the pre-loaded SMARTACTIONS, which is a free app from Motorola which actually suggests ways to automatically change your phone’s settings throughout the day in order to let you fall into a comfortable routine.

For instance, should you place the Motorola ATRIX HD in the Vehicle Navigation Dock accessory and enable Drive Smart, it will automatically send the handset into vehicle mode, reading out any of your text messages, in addition to sending auto-replies to incoming calls and texts while delivering turn-by-turn navigation. Learn about this on the video below!

The ATRIX HD claims to be "Slimmer", "Smarter" and "Stronger" than ever before. You can find the full specifications about the device, that will be available exclusively from AT&T here.

*by andreascy*