Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cloud Technology!

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With the growing popularity of cloud computing, more and more companies including marketing in telecom sector are already utilizing this technology. They are now moving the functions of their businesses from on-site servers to the World Wide Web.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cloud Technology!

Cloud computing uses an internet-based service to perform their business processes. If you are thinking of joining the bandwagon and making the shift for your business, you might want to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of using the cloud.

Types of Cloud Computing

Before we break down the pros and cons, let us first get to know its various types. Generally, it is divided into three distinct categories.

1. Infrastructure-as-a-service. The vendor is the one providing the client with the software, servers, network equipment, and data center space. The client will then be billed based on the amount that they consumed. 

2. Platform-as-a-service. The operating system will be provided and managed by the vendor. This includes the database and all that is needed to run it. 

3. Software-as-a-service. The vendor will run the software so the business will not have to purchase a software license. The software will continually be updated behind the scenes. 

The Pros

- Cost reduction. Using cloud computing will reduce paperwork, minimize hardware investment, and lower transaction costs. This will also reduce the need for an on-site IT employee. 

- Scalability. Most cloud computing services will function just like that of water and electricity as you will only pay what you used. As your needs grow, you can just upgrade to more server space.

- Low payments. Small and medium-sized businesses are now able to use a sophisticated technology at a low cost. Such costs can even be further reduced if the IT resources of a company are shared with other companies. 

- Easy collaboration. Because files can be accessed anytime and anywhere when it is on the cloud, collaborating with employee from various services is possible. 

The Cons

- Availability. If the cloud service goes does down unexpectedly, employees will not be able to access their information until it gets fixed.

- Data mobility and ownership. If you decide to get out from the service, do you have any guarantees that you will get back all the data that you stored? 

- Privacy. How much of the data are collected by cloud service providers and how will it be used? 


It is important that businesses should first do their research before they make such a drastic decision of moving their important information to the cloud. They should first look into its advantages and disadvantages so that they can decide if this will be good for their business.

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