Dedicated Office Space in Colocation Centers

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Many colocation centers offer their customers dedicated office space. This is critical for businesses that need temporary office space for day-to-day operations. 

Benefits to Dedicated Office Space

Not only do colocation facilities offer supreme security but they also provide access to a robust network. It is worthwhile for a company to find a colocation center that offers dedicated office space, private conference rooms and even amenities like showers. It should look for a facility that provides workspace dedicated solely to its business. This makes it easy to conduct daily operations without distractions or security concerns from anyone else. 

Dedicated Office Space in Colocation Centers

These office spaces are absolutely invaluable during times of disaster. If a company’s normal place of operation is unusable or destroyed, it can relocate to a secure data center. This keeps downtime to a minimum or even eliminates it all together. Also, if a company simply is growing beyond its capacity and needs temporary office space, it can look to data centers to fill that need. Businesses that do not have a physical office can also use data center office space. The dedicated space can give them a temporary home base or conference rooms to hold important meetings. 

Location can be Key

If a colocation service does offer dedicated office space, another factor to consider is location. It is best if the colocation facility is located out of disaster areas such as flood zones, coastal regions or tornado paths. A colocation facility is of no use if it is located in a dangerous area. It is important that a data center stay in operation even if a company’s home location is destroyed. Data centers must offer a secure, stable environment in case of emergency or natural disaster.

Dedicated Office Space in Colocation Centers

In addition, companies might want to choose a location that allows them to meet with visitors, employees or clients. Being close in proximity to airports or travel hubs and hotels and restaurants is beneficial. 

Security Systems and Features 

Keeping mission-critical applications secure is of the utmost importance. If a colocation service is offering dedicated office space, its security measures are critical. Various companies will be hosting their information in the same facility. So, understanding the security process is important for peace of mind. Ideally a colocation facility would host 24-hour security, seven days a week throughout the year. Cages and cabinets should be equipped with individual locking mechanisms and/or biometric scanners. Moreover, having sophisticated alarm and surveillance systems in place is also crucial. Secure loading docks and manned points of entry are ideal. Well-lit and secure parking lots for customers, visitors and employees are also a needed feature.

Dedicated Office Space in Colocation Centers

Dedicated office space is often a perk of colocation centers. However, there are those that find these services a requirement of any colocation package. Just because a company may not need an off-site office at the moment doesn’t mean the need won’t arise in the future. Companies shouldn’t leave themselves open to the detriments of a disaster. They should locate a colocation partner that will help them cover all of their needs.

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Colocation would be a great choice for many businesses in different industries. We encourage you to think about customizable solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. 

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