7 Tips to Creating a Useful Product Review

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Are you aware that most buyers would rather believe a user or consumer review of a product than the actual producer or manufacturer? This means that a well written product review will easily catch the attention of prospects and help you convert them to buyers. 

7 Tips to Creating a Useful Product Review

But how do you actually write compelling reviews? Please read on:

1. Start with a Brief Product Description

An effective product review should start with short overview of the product. Introduce your readers to the product so that you can catch their attention and so that they can be convinced that the rest of the review is worth reading.

2. Write about Who the Ideal Buyer Should Be

Just like every well written book begins with a preface, that tells you who the book was written for, your review should quickly let the reader know the type of user or consumer that the product is meant for. This will help the reader to develop more interest in the product once he or she knows it is meant for him or her.

3. List out the Key Features and Benefits of the Product

Summarize the key features and benefits of the product with a bullet list. You can easily get this done by referring to the manufacturer's sales page.

4. Summarize User or Buyer Experiences Including Yours

Now, this is probably the most important part of the review. Your readers will always be highly interested in reading the experiences other people have had with the product. Your own experience is however the most convincing (if you have used the product).

5. Add Pictures and Videos Where Applicable

As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Your readers will love to see images of the product. You may even go on to produce a short video of yourself or other people using the product. Seeing is believing.

6. List Out the Pros and Cons of Buying the Product

It is appropriate to give a summary of the pros and cons associated with any product under review. It is good to have a fair balance between the positives and negatives given about a product. An ideal proportion will be 70% positives and 30% negatives. It is also ideal to highlight some of the ways by which the negatives of the product can be overcome if the reader decides to buy the product.

7. Give a Call to Action

Finally, you should ask the reader to take a step towards buying the product. This is the reason why you took the time to write the review anyway. So, ask the reader to go ahead and click on a link that will either take him or her to a squeeze page where you can collect his or her email address or you can direct your prospect directly to the manufacturer's sales page.


These are seven of the most important things you need to do to create a useful product review that will convert prospects into buyers and help you earn your desired income. Please put them into practice.

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