Genome Data Analysis Drives Science Forward

Description : 

Modern medicine is quickly becoming an information-driven Science. The world has seen a genomic revolution and huge growth in molecular data generation, with the cost of genome sequencing decreasing substantially over the past few years. 

Improving patient care and developing personalized therapies depends increasingly on an Organization’s ability to rapidly and intelligently leverage complex molecular and clinical data from a variety of internal, partner and public sources.

NextBio enables users to systematically integrate and interpret public and proprietary molecular data and clinical information from individual patients, population studies and model organisms, thus applying genomic data in novel and useful ways, both in research and in the clinic.

NextBio takes advantage of the Open Source Apache™ Hadoop™ Software on Intel® Xeon® processors and provides a powerful Software as a Service tool to Medical Researchers. 

This solution realizes a competitive advantage for the collation of Big Data with cost-effective scalability.

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