How Does Telecom Technology Affect Our Economy Today?

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Telecom technology refers to a vast array of devices and services that allows us to send information over distances. 

How Does Telecom Technology Affect Our Economy Today?

The most common ones that we utilize today are the telephony technologies such as land lines, satellite phones, mobile phones, and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol). Other examples include radio, television, and networks.

Economic Impact

With the use of telecom technology, coupled with effective telecom marketing strategies, many businesses have built global empires, evident in many of the online and conventional retailers today. In small places around the world, homeowners make use of their telephones to arrange and order a variety of home services that range from pizza delivery to plumbing repairs. Even in poorer communities, the use of telecommunications has enabled stores to speak to wholesalers to order and bargain prices for their goods. This is also of great help to local farmers in keeping their selves updated on the changes of the hourly prices of goods, allowing them to sell their produce at the best possible price. 

A good infrastructure of telecommunication has been linked to economic growth. However, with the increasing access of the people to the internet, there is some fear that more and more people are getting unequal access to telecom technology in various parts of the world. Despite this, is it believed that with the constant progress of the telecom technologies that we are utilizing today, we should expect the world’s economy and the world as a whole to progress along with it.

Other Impact

Telecom technology has also greatly affected social relationships. It has allowed people to stay in touch with their friends and family, whatever part of the world they may be. Communicating with the society and the world is now made easier and faster, especially with the advent of social networking websites where everything can be done from organizing social activities to even courtship. Add in the ease of SMS and telephones, staying connected have never been so much easier. 

In the world of culture, telecom technology has made the people more access to music and movies. Through television, people can watch movies right in the comfort of their own homes without having to go to the cinema or video store. Through the radio, people can listen to music without having to go to the music store. And with the internet, watching movies and listening to music is so much more convenient.

This also holds true in staying updated with the current events of the world. Compared to newspapers, television, radio, and most especially the internet have become the better and more popular source of the newest and latest news.


Telecom technology sure has come a long way from the use of smoke signals that the earlier people use to communicate and interact. Its use truly has made our lives so much easier and convenient. It also paved the way for businesses and societies to progress and flourish. And with its seemingly never-ending updates and advancements, it seems that we still have a lot to expect from this technology. 

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