Microsoft launches Metro UI Outlook Mail Service

Description :

Microsoft launches its Metro designed mail service to replace

Outlook has host of new features with a minimalist Metro UI (that we all love) to have a common look around its range of applications and products. 

Microsoft’s Hotmail service is still popular with more than 325 million monthly active users but the company has decided the Hotmail brand must die in favor of something without as many negative connotations. 

Besides the new interface it has features like multi platform social integration in which you can merge all your contacts from social networking services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and also Gmail. 

That's not over yet, you can chat with all your contacts from Facebook, Windows Live and Google Talk right from the mailbox! It also allows you to send Tweets and update you status without leaving the page. has Skype integration so now you can make calls and chat without having it to install on your desktop. If you already have a Hotmail ID you can upgrade it to without having to make a new account.

*by andreascy*