Intel's IT Center Experts Tour : The Future of Enterprise IT

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An Enterprise Information System is generally any kind of Computing System that is of "Enterprise Class". This means typically offering high quality of Service, dealing with large volumes of data and capable of supporting some large Organization ("an Enterprise"). 

It provides a Technology platform that enables Organizations to integrate and coordinate their Business processes, a single system that is central to the Organization and that ensures information can be shared across all functional levels and management hierarchies. Enterprise systems create a standard data structure and are invaluable in eliminating the problem of information fragmentation caused by multiple information systems within an Organization. 

A typical Enterprise information system would be housed in one or more data centers, would run Enterprise Software, and could include applications that typically cross organizational borders such as content management systems. 

You know technology’s evolving at breakneck speed. Dave Buchholz, Intel's Director of Consumerization and Principal Engineer IT, talks about the future of Enterprise IT and how Trends, Technology, and Influences are changing how IT will need to evolve over the next few years. 

He discusses trends such as Client Refresh, Mobility, Emerging Technologies, Virtualization, Big Data, and Visualization. 

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