Microsoft Research : KinÊtre at SIGGRAPH 2012 - A Novel Way To Bring Computer Animations To Life

Description :

Imagine you are asked to produce a 3D animation of a demonic armchair terrorizing an innocent desk lamp. You may think about model rigging, skeleton deformation, and keyframing.   

Depending on your experience, you might imagine hours to days at the controls of Maya or Blender. But even if you have absolutely no computer Graphics experience, it can be so much easier : grab a nearby chair and desk lamp, scan them using a consumer depth camera, and use the same camera to track your body, aligning your virtual limbs to the chair’s geometry. 

At one spoken command, your limbs are attached to the chair model, which follows your movements in an intuitive and natural manner. 

KinÊtre is such a system. A research project from Microsoft Research Cambridge that allows novice users to scan physical objects and bring them to life in seconds by using their own bodies to animate them. 

Rather than targeting professional animators, it brings animation to a new audience of users with little or no CG experience. It allows realistic deformations of arbitrary static meshes, runs in real time on consumer hardware, and uses the human body for input in conjunction with simple voice commands

KinÊtre lets anyone create playful 3D animations.This system has a multitude of potential uses for interactive storytelling, physical gaming, or more immersive communications.

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