The Role of Excellent Educators

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Teachers play a crucial role in the development of today's youth. A good teacher can inspire a student to strive for future successes. Many teachers encourage students to further study a subject that may eventually lead to a career. In 2009, about 7.2 million teachers helped to educate America's youth. By 2020, that number is expected to climb to about 8.3 million.

Certain characteristics set great teachers apart from average educators. Great teachers are consistently able to anticipate student needs, define important goals, and efficiently use school hours to properly teach the class material. These teachers go far beyond the constraints of their local government and school budget to deliver an exceptional learning experience. Excellent teachers are likely to spend 20 hours of their own personal time per week to help improve their lesson plans.

The following infographic takes a look at many of these facts and more, including a glance at the teachers who helped inspire many of America's brightest thinkers.

The Anatomy of a Great Teacher

Source: Top Teaching Colleges

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