Web Proxy helps the users Secure their Information Online

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With increase in security issues in the internet, users need to be more vigilant about ways to secure their operating systems and data. A recent security breach in ITWallStreet.com, Twitter and Linkedln, caused by the DNS Trojan attack, left millions of users scared. To counter the growing threat of malware, internet and computer security is also beefing up - which can be done by implementing a web proxy. 

Web Proxy helps the users Secure their Information Online

A web proxy is basically a task when merged with a firewall, which turns into a proxy server. The proxy server allows the users to browse web pages on computers other than their own - on the user’s command; the proxy server adapts it and sends to the requested computer - helping the users to secure their data as they don’t come into contact with the internet and the web page directly but through the proxy server.

Experience fast internet usage

This would be a wise choice to use proxy web; it not only secures your data, but also transforms your internet browsing into a much faster experience. The process is very simple yet effective - while logging onto a website it deposits caches on the user’s computer which can be visited when the user logs in next time.

Sometimes situations arise when users have to give access to third party users to your network, which may cause security issues - albeit with web proxy the threat reduces to considerably. Widely used networks that need third party access are websites and online businesses and cloud computing or data uploads websites - requiring users to act as an administrator to other users. But there is a flip side to this situation, that if the web-site or portal has a glitch any internet hacker can exploit it. Glaring example is of Nike’s website, which suffered a minor malfunction - that was manipulated by an American college baseball player and bought more than $80,000 Nike’s goods from the website.

DMZ covers every chance of glitches

Such glitches can be exposed or avoided by creating a “Demilitarized Zone” or the DMZ - simple to process, as it’s just a step further from implementing internet firewall - but a huge step in securing your information. It functions like a fence outside your house, which helps you guard the garden and everything which is valuable to you.

It’s quite simple to set up a DMZ - it requires the user to have a network of interconnected computer connected in the middle by a computer between the internet connection and the firewall. It works as an important server computer that connects to all but the information available on the server isn’t accessible to other computers.

All for your benefit…

You can easily find a website that operates as a proxy on Google. Although proxy can help secure you from third party attacks sometimes proxy’s get overloaded with traffic and slow down. Nevertheless, these proxies are helpful as they provide security measures, which help the users to secure their computer from third party exploitation and infections. If you’re a Windows user then turn the Firewall option on and download an anti-virus to keep you safe.

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