Why More Schools are Choosing E-Books over Print Textbooks

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Even a decade ago, the thought of using e-Books in the classroom seemed like science fiction. Now, more and more public schools are choosing to buy e-Readers instead of print textbooks. E-Books are becoming popular even at the middle and grade school level, where children have traditionally used workbooks and similar tools.

Why More Schools are Choosing E-Books over Print Textbooks

Transitioning to e-Books is a logical choice for many schools. In a world where many students attend online colleges and use digital reference books, it just makes sense to buy e-Books.

Here are the most common reasons schools are switching to electronic texts.


The great thing about e-Books is they cost a lot less than print books. Even with the same edition, an e-Book is typically less expensive than the paper version. That means when you’re buying hundreds of textbooks for a school, e-Books save you a lot of money. The price of the initial e-Reader will barely make a dent in these savings.


Electronic textbooks are also convenient for students. Instead of having to lug around half a dozen heavy textbooks, students only have to carry one slim e-Reader.

Using e-Books makes it easier for students to remember all of the materials needed to complete homework. The end of the school day is a busy time for students. Many have limited time to collect supplies before running to catch the bus.

Rather than having to worry about which books they’ll need, students can just take home their e-Reader. This means that with e-Books, students will miss fewer homework assignments and remember to study more often.


Many students experience back and shoulder pain from all the books they have to tote around. Experts say students shouldn’t carry more than one tenth of their body weight on their backs, but this often isn’t possible. Smaller children could exceed their recommended weight limit with just a few books. If students have to carry books for multiple subjects or have a lot of homework, their backpacks could weigh 20 or 30 pounds.

In contrast with print textbooks, many e-Readers weight less than a pound. This means e-Books are safer for children to use.


Today’s schools are becoming more and more concerned with protecting the environment. Many districts have started recycling and are using eco-friendly cleaning products to keep their schools green. Others have installed energy-efficient windows to help cut electricity usage. Using e-books would continue these schools’ environmental initiatives. Since one e-Reader replaces dozens of textbooks, it saves a lot of trees from being cut down.

Tools for Study

With paper books, students can’t mark up the text, since pens and highlighters damage the pages. In contrast, students can highlight important passages on the screen of their e-Readers. This can really save time when they’re studying; rather than rereading long chapter, students need only review their highlights. Many electronic textbooks also have optional study guides students can use to prepare for a big exam.

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