3 Hot Companies That Are Hiring MBAs

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According to the Graduate Management Admission Council's 2012 Global Management Education Graduate Survey, 64% of recent MBA graduates landed full-time jobs upon graduation from their respective programs. The survey also found that 76% of 2011 graduates had landed jobs at the time of the survey, showing that while a newly minted MBA is a significant advantage, so is having one a year later. So, who are the companies snatching up these new MBA graduates, and what are they paying them to do?

Zynga, Inc. Mobilizes MBAs' Creativity To Grow Gaming Empire

Based in California, Zynga, Inc. is known best for their accessible Facebook and mobile gaming apps. Titles like Words With Friends and Farmville top the company's portfolio, but this former start-up turned publicly traded tech corporation is harnessing the creativity and financial savvy of MBAs to grow even bigger.

3 Hot Companies That Are Hiring MBAs

According to the Wall Street Journal, upon graduation in 2012, 24 MBAs moved across the country from Harvard University and other top universities to Zynga's San Francisco offices. Currently, Zynga focuses its recruiting efforts on eight elite business schools, including Harvard Business School and the University of California at Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

PNC Financial Services, Inc. Starts Recruitment With Internships

Not willing to risk missing out on top MBA graduates, PNC Financial Services, Inc., based in Pittsburgh, snags its top picks with plum internships that turn into full time job offers upon graduation for more than 90% of participants. This summer, 20 MBA students joined PNC, mostly working in internal consulting or capital markets roles. These future financial wizards get to apply their business school experience while getting a jump on their post-graduation job searches. Part of that experience includes face time with executives across the financial institution and specialized training that will serve these future MBAs whether they remain with PNC or if they explore other opportunities.

Google Stays A Top Pick For Future MBAs - And A Top MBA Employer

Perennially one of the most sought-after employers for information technology and business professionals alike, Google is listed as a top employer by more than 25% of MBA students according to Fortune Magazine and CNN. This summer alone, more than 100 MBA interns were hard at work at the Moutain View, California "Googleplex." The company says that more than any particular pedigree that they look for creativity, problem solving skills and flexibility in potential recruits by the search engine giant.

3 Hot Companies That Are Hiring MBAs

It is not hard to see why Google is so popular with new MBA graduates, though. Seen as a forerunner in creating positive work environments, Google employees enjoy perks ranging from free gourment lunches to free Android devices. Employees also can bring their dogs to work, surf the web on free shuttles throughout the Bay State area and get their annual physicals at the office from on-site physicians. Of course, for many MBAs, the perks are just part of the allure. Google also offers the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects and products.

Gordon Saltman is a business executive and guest author at BusinessMBA.org, where he contributed to the guide to the Top 10 Best Accelerated Online MBA Programs.

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