Can iPhone 5 Exceed Your Expectations?

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The iPhone 5 is thinner, faster, and lighter than its predecessors. 

Can iPhone 5 Exceed Your Expectation

Seemingly defying common sense, this new iPhone has managed to get larger, lighter, and stronger than ever before. In short, this phone all-overs users to have their cake and eat it too.

What Does the iPhone 5 Bring to the Table?

The iPhone5 is the accumulation of exactly what users have been requesting ever since the release of the prior iPhone, the 4S. Visually speaking the iPhone 5 closely resembles its older generations. The most obvious physical change to this generation of iPhone isn’t a visual difference, but the strikingly lighter design. The iPhone 5 also gained some lateral height, about one third of an inch, while remaining as wide as the last two generations. Part of this extended length helps shifts the device’s weight in a way that makes it seem even lighter than you would expect. This also means more useable touch space as well as a better means of viewing high definition content.

Design Alterations and Improvements?

There are a few subtle design changes. The glass back of prior iPhone generations has been discarded in favor of a more durable aluminium back which also helps prevent the device from being a fingerprint trap. The headphone jack as moved to the bottom of the unit which now shares uniform jack positioning with the design of the iPod. In short, it’s stronger and more intelligently designed with ergonomic and durable use in mind.

The dock connector for this generation has changed to reflect the thinner design of the iPhone 5 and a now offers a less clunky and awkward connector known as the Lightning dock. The Lightning connector is far easier to connect than the old 30 pin design, also facilitating the iPhone 5 to sync data up to 20% faster than older generations.

What About Hardware Improvements?

Speaking of speed, the iPhone 5 uses an A6 processor which Apple has claimed is twice as fast as the previously used A5 processor. This means user apps and games will run smoother, load faster, and be less prone to lag. The storage capacity shares similar improvements, with options ranging from 16 to 64GB of data

In respect to pixel density, contrast, brightness, and resolution, the iPhone 5 improves upon what was already the industry standard: the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 also now offers complete sRGB display coverage, meaning it can represent every color in the spectrum. The front camera provides a 720p video display accompanied by a massive resolution increase due to the lateral size increase. The camera also supports a brand new panorama mode which allows the user to create a pictures in massive resolutions of over 10,000 x2,500.


Not only will the iPhone provide you with industry leading hardware when compared to other Smartphones, the iPhone 5 is also a significant improvement over the prior generation in essentially every respect. The latest iPhone is without a question the greatest iPhone to date, and stands to be a serious competitor when compared to even next generation Smartphones.

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