Bad Piggies - The Piggest Game Ever Made by Angry Birds Makers

Description : 

Bad Piggies will give you a chance to finally see the pig picture and take the role of the infamous green antagonists.

Pigs will fly! A Puzzle Game from the PIGS’ point of view!

Angry Birds maker Rovio Entertainment launched a new title in Thursday, allowing users to play as the Bad Piggies (A.K.A. Pigs or Green Pigs) from the smash-hit game. 

"Just out today, the new game is already No. 1 among all paid iPhone and iPad apps"

The first Bad Piggies game hitted app stores today for iOS and Android, allowing players to take revenge on the Angry Birds who attacked the pigs with slingshots in the original game. The Angry Birds sequel is the most-downloaded paid app among both iPhone and iPad users.

Rovio has packaged the pigs in two flavors - a standard edition for smartphones and an HD one for tablets. The iPhone and iPod Touch version costs 99 cents, while the iPad version will set you back $2.99. Both Android versions are free from Google Play, apparently thanks to a special Google promotion celebrating 25 billion downloads in less than four years.

The Head of Game Developing at Rovio, Petri Jarvilehto, promised a unique gaming experience.

"It's an entirely new, completely unique game play experience. We've approached game play this time around from a very different angle. Angry Birds games are essentially like you're shooting birds with a sling shot and the way we see the birds destroy things whereas the pigs they are the builders. So this is a game that's completely based around the concept of the pigs building things - they see delicious eggs and start heading that way and start building all kinds of devices to reach their goal," he said.

He said they could not live on the success of Angry Birds and that it was imperative to have a good game in order to be successful.

The strong Angry Birds brand was a key to its success, Jarvilehto added.

"What we have been doing with Angry Birds is we have been consistently building it as a brand, much stronger than the game itself. For us the big thing about Angry Birds is not necessarily the sling shot game, it's the characters, the universe, it is everything that we can create with those fantastic little birds or fantastic little pigs and that I think is a crucial difference in mind set in terms of how we've approached this," he said.

Those tricky pigs have a few objects they can use - umbrellas, wings, bottle rockets, balloons, engines, and much more - but they need your help to turn it into the perfect transportation! Can you create the ultimate flying machine and steer them safely to their destination?

With more than 60 levels and free updates, you have hours of pig-crashing, exploding, and flying fun! Get three stars on every level to unlock 30 more puzzles!

And if you want to stretch your creativity, there are 4 sandbox levels, where you can design more crazy rolling and flying contraptions!

As stated by Rovio, the pigs have very little intelligence, easily mistaking a bubble for an egg.

The pigs usually are focused on the topic food and eating. However, their building skills show improvement as the game progresses, suggesting the topic of survival of the fittest applies for the pigs.

Check out the Official Gameplay Trailer!

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