The History of the Businessman

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Business practices have evolved significantly since the dawn of human civilization. In many cases, business is the process of exchanging goods or services.

Early businesses were run by itinerant travelers and merchants. Individuals or groups would travel thousands of miles to purchase rare goods and items. After bringing these items back to their home countries, they could be sold for a significant profit.

The earliest incorporated business was formed in the mid 1500s in England. The Dutch East India Company provided a way for many people to invest in a shared business venture. Merchants and businessmen would each purchase a small share of the Dutch East India Company through joint-issue stock certificates.

The modern stock market has been in existence for almost 200 years. While business practices have evolved significantly over that time, the basis behind them has remained the same. Business is the way that individuals connect with each other to share goods and services.

The Evolution of the Business Man

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