CNETTV : Robots Pivot Solar Panels to face the Sun by QBotix

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Robots have proven themselves in extreme and diverse environments from the surface of Mars to battlefields and ocean depths. 

QBotix is a robotics company that is bringing the innovations of last several decades to the operation and management of solar power plants.

Their mission is to leverage their expertise in rugged and intelligent robotics to create breakthrough products that offer a compelling combination of competitive cost, high reliability, easy installation, superior performance, universal compatibility and unprecedented system level intelligence. 

With their products, customers reduce cost of ownership while increasing their profit margins and investment returns in solar power plants.

QBotix has invented the paradigm of Solar Robotics™, where autonomous, rugged and intelligent robots replace hundreds of conventional electromechanical components, and also reduce structural material requirements. 

The use of their paradigm allows the creation of fundamentally new system level architectures that reduce cost and increase performance and reliability.

Their first product is the QBotix Tracking System™ (QTS™), which delivers dual axis tracking at single axis installed price. 

The QTS works with all existing photovoltaic modules, inverters and foundations to increase energy production and decrease installed costs, providing the lowest Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) of any mounting or tracking system.

Just like a sunflower turns its head toward the sun, smart and efficient solar panels must do the same for maximum energy absorption. CNET's Kara Tsuboi visits Qbotix in Menlo Park, Calif., where the company introduced such a robotic tracking system that mechanically pivots solar panels, saving energy and money.

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