Top 7 Reasons for Buying a Converter Box

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The role of a converter box is to allow a television to read encoded digital signals through a cable or over the air and display images with sound clearly. 

Digital STREAM - DTV Converter Box

This broad definition may not be suitable to explain converter boxes used for HD purposes but it should suffice to say that anything which can convert one type of signal into another shall fall under this category. So, why would anyone want a converter box in the first place? Read on and find out the top seven reasons.

1. You Have an Old Television Set

If you plan on getting a digital cable connection to your home and replacing the outdated coaxial based cable service then your old television set will probably never manage to get a lot of channels out of the service. This is because the television is designed to take in analogue signals while the signal you shall receive will be of a digital nature. A converter box ensures that the signal you receive is completely understood by your outdated television. Newer TVs are digital/analogue compliant meaning they do not usually need a converter box.

2. Some Places Have Made Digital Mandatory

Parts of US and Europe have made it mandatory to use digital signals in order to free up signal bandwidth used for television service. Unfortunately, not everyone can change their TV just to watch a few free channels. A converter box will catch digital signals and relay them to the television as if they were analogue signals.

3. To Get around Encryption

A common complaint with cable service is signal loss. This happens over distance and because people illegally tap into cables for free service. To avoid this modern age television service providers now encrypt the majority of their channels making it possible to view them only using a converter box. So, if you want more than the usual channels then you’d better purchase a box from your service provider.

4. More Channels and More Choices

Possibly the biggest reason why you should consider a converter box is because it can offer you a lot more channels than usual. A simple cable service shall have a bandwidth allowing only 50 to 70 channels but with a converter box, encoded and encrypted signals are deciphered enabling you to view over 200 channels at the same monthly subscription.

5. Better Quality and Reception

Analogue was replaced by digital encoding simply because of its ability to traverse long distances with minimum signal loss. This means that you get a chance to watch your favorite team or performer play live without losing out on video or audio. In fact, some service providers offer HD level viewing experience.

6. Better Control

With a converter box you are in control of what channels you want to screen out or block so that younglings cannot view them. Parental control is a very big motivator for families.

7. Rounded Up Experience

A converter box not only offers extra channels, better signal and clarity but also an electronic guide that can be programmed to sound an alarm when it’s time for your favorite show. There are plenty of other nice things you can do, just ask your service provider for all the goodies they pack into their converter box.

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