The Smartest People in the World

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How can we measure how smart somebody is? Can we even agree on one way to measure? From the following list, we can see some common characteristics of smart people. What do you think "smart" means?

Is it just your IQ points? IQ, or intelligence quotient, is simply how well you score on an intelligence test. This measurement is easy because there's a specific number to look at. But someone could do very well on a test and not really do anything with their intelligence. Is that smart? 

Is it accomplishments? Many people we think are "smart" are people who win Nobel prizes, come up with new theories, or write a highly praised or popular book. We especially praise accomplishments at a young age - people who go to college, or become the best in the world at something, younger than most people could. 

Many people would say it's probably a combination of all three. The people on our "top 10" list tend to combine IQ and accomplishments.

The 10 Smartest People Alive Today


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