Top 10 Social Workers

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Everyday social workers strive to make their communities positive and to inspire community members. Some social workers have gone above and beyond in order to do so.

Take Marshall Wong of Los Angeles, for instance. He worked to establish assistance for victims of hate crimes in his area. Some social workers strive to improve the quality of treatment and resources in the community. That is what Peter Delany has done in promoting behavioral health services. Cordelia Steele is an assistant professor in Richmond who has also worked to provide mental health services for victims of devastating events. Others, such as Marilyn Flynn, promote scientific research for healthcare.

It makes sense that the best social workers in the nation are focused on preserving strong social work ethic and cultural diversity. A large number of social workers intend to promote the availability of mental health treatments in their communities, and many community members have benefitted from these programs.

Top 10 Social Workers of 2011

Source: Best Social Work Programs

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