What is a Domain?

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The World Wide Web is the busiest place in the entire world. There are now billions of websites online and all of them are competing with each other to catch the most users and their attention. Aside from common techniques for Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, one of the main weapons that the owners of these web sites have to compete for visitors with is their web site’s name also known as the web site’s domain. A domain’s power is what gives your website its unique flavor - a web address that belongs only to you and/or your company.

Think of it this way, if you own a typical store (brick and mortar) then people know where to find you. The same principle works with domains. If people do a search on your products they will be taken to your sight and they now know where to find you. If they cannot find you online easily, then there is nothing in the world you can do to bring them to your site. This is the reason that you must come up with an idea to have your very own site and what you will name it is the first thing to figure it out. 

What is a Domain?

The name you choose will be dependent upon a few different factors. Number one is that you have to make sure that no one else has the same name you want. If so you will have to begin at square one because only one domain can have that name since they then own the name. Kind of like the Nick Show iCarly. No one else can use that name since Carly already laid claim to it.

Another factor is what you are selling. What goods and/or services are you planning to offer? This will make a huge difference in what you decide to name your domain. If at all possible though, use the name of your company for your domain name as well. Again, this will depend on whether or not this name has been taken by another person or company’s domain. For instance, if your business is called Jon’s plumbing, you can use the name Jonsplumbing.com for your domain’s name. If someone else has that domain name, maybe you can use Jonsplumbingnyc.com.

What is a Domain?

Before you rush out and get a domain name, you should know a bit more about them. Domains are two parted entities. There is the SLD (second level domain) and the TLD (top level domain). The first part is up to your creativity and imagination. The second part is a file extension of your new domain address. There are over 100 TLD’s on the World Wide Web at this very moment so you still have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing the domain you desire. Examples of TLD’s are .com, .net, .org, .info, .gov and .edu. We have all heard these things but probably never knew what they meant. But now you know and are ready to start coming up with ideas for your own domain!

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