Top 5 Most Common Apprenticeships

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Apprenticeships are all about gaining experience while learning. In fact, the easiest way to land up with a job straight out of college is to have a good experience level that can only be built up through apprenticeship. Obviously there are other advantages to working while studying such as earning money, travelling the world, meeting new contacts in the industry one is about to enter and so on but the number one reason someone should take up such a junior job is to gather technical knowledge of the industry they are about to enter. 

Top 5 Most Common Apprenticeships

The year 2012 has been characterized by economic turmoil and severe job cuts. In such a scenario, graduates and postgraduates have been left to fend for themselves making it tougher for students to find willing employers who shall give them an apprenticeship.

Nevertheless, there are five fields or work that one can easily get an apprenticeship in. They are engineering, retail marketing, pharmaceuticals, the health sector and public services. These five fields seem to be the least affected throughout the recession of 2007 to 2012. 


The potential to earn high even while being an intern is great with engineering programs. Companies, in fact, take up engineering graduates early on through internship programs as it saves them a lot of money spent through recruitment drives.

Moreover, current economic clouds do not allow companies to invest into recruitment. Students in core fields of engineering such as mechanical, electronics and electrical should find it getting an apprenticeship easy and lucrative as the job prospects for these fields shall always be good no matter what the economic situation is like.

Retail Marketing 

If there is any sector that never takes a big loss, it is the retail sector. Manpower is always required for marketing and retail chain businesses hence making it an ideal sector to enter during a recession. Students can gain experience managing retail stores, warehouses etc. while they study and come out with their degree to become managers and administrators.


Medicine business shall always be a booming business. Just as beauty products shall never go out of demand, medicines are always high on the want list of people. Pharmaceutical companies usually do not give out apprenticeship programs openly so students pursuing a pharmaceutical course should try to make contact with HR departments of large or small companies in an effort to land up a position with them. 

Health Sector 

Being a doctor, paramedic or a nurse is the best thing to survive recession. People who enter the health sector are never out of jobs. Even the current 2012 trends speak for the health sector. With nearly 12.4 million unemployed in the US and 24.7 million unemployed in Europe, the figures for unemployment in the health sector are minute.

This profession is probably the best to search for an apprenticeship in. 

Public Services

Increasing economic turmoil does provide an opportunity for public service students to flex their muscles. With more government agencies finding it difficult to handle increasing demands of the unemployed, the government is more than willing to hire anyone and everyone.

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