The Scandinavian Way - Insurance In Denmark

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The Scandinavian model is famous for housing a population that subscribes to the highest levels of feeling safe and secure in the world, so maybe it is to no surprise that taking out insurance in Denmark is equally ranked very high. The Danish healthcare system consists of equal parts state funded and private sector healthcare.

The Scandinavian Way - Insurance In Denmark

Each and every citizen of this small but beautiful and environmentally diverse country has immediate access to the state funded health care system. So for Danish citizens, the insurance in Denmark (as the Danes say forsikring Danmark) is based on the progressive taxation system. If you are a citizen of any of the EU-member countries and you are visiting Denmark, and you have previously been covered by the public healthcare system in your respective country, then you will also enjoy full coverage from the Danish system. It is sort of an EU-wide insurance also functioning as insurance in Denmark. 

But the twist for long-term visitors is that they first and foremost need to register their stay with the proper authorities, and then they will have to await their stamp of approval during a process period of six weeks, and if a visitor was to fall ill during this time, the cost of medicines or a hospital stay can become a tab that runs quite high. Therefore it is recommended for visitors to sign a short-term insurance in Denmark during this period. 

There are several private insurance companies offering these kind of short-term deals, so there are plenty of options to find a deal and a price that is suitable for any visitor. What is included in the state funded insurance in Denmark is a full consultation and treatment from a General Practitioner and the public health care insurance also means that there are subsidized rates on everything ranging from going to the dentist to having a consultation with a psychologist. But even though the public health care insurance in Denmark offers great emergency coverage and solid responses all through the hierarchy of the medical system, it is still a plan that is designed to cover the basics of your needs. 

The cues and waiting time in Danish hospitals can sometimes be quite extensive, and you do not have the option of having the doctor of your choice, but you will have to make due with the doctor who gets assigned to your case. If you want something that goes beyond the basics, it is a good idea to sign up for a private insurance in Denmark in order to feel that you are completely covered, and it will also give you the advantage of turning to private clinics and services that may have specialized in one specific field of medicine, and where the waiting period in order to achieve treatment may be significantly shorter compared to a public hospital.

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Be sure to find out which category you fall into in order to have the right insurance in Denmark before you go. Because once there you will be occupied with admiring the beauty of this charming country.

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