How Google Built Android

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While Google will always be known primarily for their search engine and advertising platforms, the Android operating system has been a tremendous success. While multiple phones available from all cell phone companies, the Android platform has a larger user base than any other smart phone platform. How did they build Android?

Android is based on the Linux kernel. In addition, Google implements many of the tools used by Linux. As a result, those with a background in Unix and Unix-like operating systems feel at home when dealing with the internals of the operating system. In addition, Linux is open source, so the source code of Android will always be available to the public and to developers. 

Google also decided to create its own bytecode for Android. Using the Java language and Java bytecode, Google allows developers to use the most popular programming language in the world for creating Android apps. The use of Java makes Google an easy platform for companies to target. 

Google Behind The Numbers

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