Introducing Google Glass - A Closer Look

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People nowadays want so desperately to own the must-have accessory and the next major technology trend. The advancement of technology and the research studies over the last years has been unprecedented. The human race is progressing at an amazing rate and it`s undeniable and in evidence, that the way we interact with each other, has dramatically changed because of technology. 

Introducing Google Glass - A Closer Look

Technological advances are inventions like Glasses with Virtual Reality, Androids, Nanotechnology, Brain Digitizing, Toroidal Machines, Computer Controlled Economy, Colonization of other planets and other futuristic ideas. There is a limit on technology only if there is a lack of imagination! And Google knows this well. But to create a new kind of wearable technology, that’s a real bet and messy at points.

Tech Specs - What's Inside

Google is always pushing it's creativity limits, and Project Glass is no exception. The new and revolutionary augmented reality glasses were designed to help you live in the moment -- even when you’re falling from the sky. It's a headset with a camera, a projected display, and a data connection, that presents information in the form of "cards". These cards are arranged on a "Timeline," which you can navigate through by swiping left and right on the headset's touchpad (Hair is a problem here. Sometimes they fall over the pad and interfere with operation). You can listen to music, take photos and videos, read and send text messages, engage in Google Hangouts, search Google, see headlines from The New York Times and much more. It’s actually your Smartphone with Google on your face. 

It runs on Android, but can connect to both Android and iOS devices. It comes powered by a dual-core Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP 4430 processor, 1GB of RAM and can connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your laptop, your phone or a home Wi-Fi network, or even work alone as an offline camera or as a disconnected video recorder. The 5-megapixel camera can capture 720p videos, by default. It has 16GB of internal storage and a battery that can last a day. Luckily, the titanium frame is strong and flexible. You can bend and adjust it for an individual fit. 

The elite of the tech world have decided already that Google’s groundbreaking eyewear ecosystem is the future. The product has captured the imagination of technologists and consumers and drawn a fair amount of media attention. There is a dynamic on the horizon and perhaps they're right. There is a new way of seeing our relationship with our mobile computers and people are excited about this glorified eye-mounted camera/computer. 

What's Not To Like?

There are, however, a number of people who are afraid or do not understand the importance of this product. Personally i want to see the world, i don't really want to see the world "differently". And i’m concerned that devices like this will hide the world more than expose it. It could also cause a public uproar over privacy concerns. Let’s say why do we need our Facebook notifications popping up in our eyes? If we are focusing on Facebook notifications and tweets popping up - what are we missing that's right in front of us in the real world? 

Yes, Google Glass appears to be a nice-looking device, it’s all the talk in the wearable tech space, but for the rest of us it’s just a neat idea that brings only excitement. Is the potential worth the risk? Does it really deliver value in practice? Who would wear these in public? What about hacking warnings and security risks? What about downsides like Wi-Fi next to the brain or the open to a whole new level of spyware? It seems we are beginning to take everything for granted like the example below: 

- "Ok Glass, what’s the weather?" 

- "Look out the window” 

What they are not taking in consideration is also that unless they are very cool sun glasses no one likes to wear glasses. They look very uncomfortable and people think you are like a cyborg from a fictional movie. 


We’re looking forward to it, but so far, the limitation of Google Glass shows that this is an immature product and a yet to be understood platform. It’s an interesting techno-social experiment but an experiment with limitations. It’s just another cool device in our lives to explore.

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*by andreascy*