Popular Mobile Apps In 2013

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Certain apps have been used by several thousands of people over this past year, but there are other apps that are few and far between that have millions of users using them on a daily basis. 

Popular Mobile Apps In 2013

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Apps are a huge market with millions of Apple lovers that just enjoy how there are so many new things happening every single week in the App store. Discover below the four biggest mobile apps of 2013:


Snapchat is being considered the #1 app of 2013. Even Wall Street is considering it one of the best since they are becoming obsessed with this little online tool. It is a great thing to use on your iPhone when you are bored. The way it works is simple; it lets you capture photos in an instant, send them to certain friends, and let them view the snap. The trick is that the photo/snap disappears when you send it. For some people, they may want their friends to look at it for ten seconds and for others around several minutes. Snapchat showcases that your special moments should he shared instantly with others.


Vine is another cool app famous among teenagers. It allows for you to upload videos with cute designs to Vine. You can easily send them to your friends and family almost instantly. You can post them on your other famous social networks. It is a fun way to share short quick moments at a fast notice whenever you want without having to yank out your video camera. Vine works on your iPhone, and it is so easy to use once you get used to it. No doubt, this is one of the most popular apps on the market today.


Wanelo stands for Want Need Love. It is one beautiful online community to share the love for shopping. You can actually buy everything that is seen on this app that is being posted by users. This community, when you download the app, is sort of like a family, and if you want to buy quality items that may or may not ever be available in a regular store, Wanelo has everything you want. Being popular for their cute and stylish app, teens are downloading this app like crazy and shopping through this app by storm.


So let's shift gears and look at one popular game in the app world. Flow is a fun game that is simple and easy enough, and the concept is quite easy to grasp, but once you begin playing the harder levels, you will find this to be harder than it really looks. Your goal is to connect the green dot with the other green dot; blue dot with the blue; red with red; and so on.

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These apps are all very famous and popular. They are all worth downloading for yourself if you want to be up to date on the latest trends in the Apple world. If you want a way to have fun, use the fun apps above to keep you occupied.

Til we meet again, my friends… I wish you peace, love and fine tequila.. if you can't find the first two, you can always find the last. Live in peace! ;)

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