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Have you created a Google+ page?

Google has always focused on building ways for people to connect with each other and share information with their friends. I think this is important because people are shaping how information moves through their connections. People are increasingly discovering information not just through links to web pages but also from the people and things they care about. 

This flow of social information has profound benefits - from driving better decisions to keeping in touch more easily. Speaking about Google Plus (G+), is a good way to ensure a receptive audience. Google+ users have clearly expressed their thirst for knowledge.

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It puts people at the center of the web and has become a very hot topic! It's one of the world’s most ambitious, popular and company-wide social networks that continues to grow into a stronger social media platform everyday. It actually contains a massive quantity of potential for everyone to take advantage of!

Heavy Buzz continues to grow and many people and brands maintain an effective presence on the site, creating well-executed pages which drive conversation and increase revenue. Whether you are an individual, a start-up, or an established company, you still need to make your business social, across the web!

Ever wondered which pages are the best ones?

If you are looking to expand your social circles, Web Hosting Database compiled (into 5 sections) 101 Awesome Google+ page recommendations for Hosting Services, Reviews, News & Tips to follow. There are literally millions of pages, but after studying WHdb's post, i was most impressed with the overall activity and online presence of everyone involved:

-  Personalities 

-  Reviews

-  News

Tips 'n training

-  Web Hosting services 

Also i'm so glad to be featured in their list (in place #21 of personalities section). Special thanks goes to Jimmy Atkinson (@jimmyatkinson), webmaster and editor of WHdb! I deeply appreciate his support!

So without a second thought, head over to WHdb Blog, and dive further into the rankings and content. Don't forget to connect with me! As much as i love Blogging it wouldn't be the same without my readers and followers. You guys rock!

What are your thoughts? Would you like to suggest a Google+ page that sets a good example for others to follow? As always, let us know down below.

*by andreascy*