Intel and Toyota Announced Tech Union

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Although the details remain vague, Toyota and Intel will begin working together on a new cabin tech platform, which not only should cover the basics, such as navigation and phone systems, but also reach through the CAN Bus to interact with vehicle subsystems.

Intel looks to embed Atom processors in union with Toyota. They have announced a joint research venture to investigate new usage models of mobile device connectivity in cars. With connected cars now comprising the third - fastest growing technological device behind smartphones and tablets, the companies are working together to create an integrated solution. Intel will work with Toyota to embed its Atom-family of processors in vehicles in order to form, what the companies call, "a seamless bridge" between the vehicle and user’s mobile devices.

The aim of their partnership is to find a way where users can use their mobile devices in vehicles without impacting on driver distraction. The companies say that they are aiming to “integrate advanced technologies in the vehicle in a more intuitive manner that reduces driver distraction.” To this end, the companies are focusing their research on developing a user interaction methodology that includes touch, gesture and voice technologies.

As technology converges with the car, silicon solutions serving the infotainment and telematics market are expected to rise from $5.6 billion in 2010 to $8.7 billion in 2018. Although Intel has virtually conceded the smartphone market to ARM - based processors, it may yet find a way to capitalise on the explosion in the smartphone segment.

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