VINCI Tablet - A New Category of Early Learning Systems

Description :

Created by a mom and designed exclusively for toddlers and preschoolers, VINCI sets the standard by converging developmental science, cutting edge technology and early childhood education to offer safe, fun and inspirational learning, guided by realistic and age appropriate VINCI Early Learning Objectives.

The first VINCI Early Learning System includes VINCI Tab, a 7" touch screen Android based tablet computer with VINCI patented safety handle for little hands. It comes pre-loaded with  apps, games, story books and music videos. 

Specifically designed per your child's cognitive levels, VINCI Early Learning Objectives guided apps provide fun and constructive play without being overwhelming, complement your child's outdoor and indoor activities and all within a safe and advertising free environment.

Powered by advanced microprocessors, Android S and 3D animation technology and guided by well researched and age relevant learning objectives ,VINCI sets itself apart from other learning apps and educational toys on the market. Safety is at the forefront of VINCI Tab design with a well- constructed safety handle using child safe materials.

Developmental Science :

VINCI apps are age relevant and incorporate recent scientific results on how children learn, with a special focus on children's thinking skills. They comply with Age Norms. Age Norms are scientifically proven milestones that cover developmental stages including motor and social/emotional skills along with language and cognitive abilities.

They are designed to include the most recent research results on how children interact with the world during the early years, from rotating scenes and visual clues, to visualizing processes and incorporating camera functions in games.

Cutting Edge Technology :

The first VINCI Early Learning System operates on a 7-inch touchscreen and Android-based tablet designed with child safety in mind. VINCI Tab features a tempered glass touchscreen and soft handles, created using only the safest materials. There is no WiFi/Internet Access in order to protect children from unwanted Internet content and harmful emissions.

Dr. Dan D. Yang, a telecom entrepreneur and mom, created VINCI after she observed her own child playing with various electronic devices and realized her concerns about safety, educational value and relevance for her baby.

Early Childhood Education - An Integrated Early Learning Solution : 

Focusing on helping children to achieve VINCI Early Learning Objectives (step by step) with the goal to build our children's character and foster a winning attitude, this tablet helps parents to save time searching for age appropriate and high quality apps while taking into account our children's physical and mental well-being. VINCI apps are designed to achieve learning objectives, yet not intended to replace outdoor or other indoor activities. VINCI recommended play time ranges from 15 minutes a day for Level 1 to 45 minutes daily at Level 3.

Powered by advanced microprocessors, Android S and 3D animation technology and guided by well researched and age relevant learning objectives ,VINCI sets itself apart from other learning apps and educational toys on the market.

Why Is It Called VINCI?

VINCI was named in honor of Leonardo da Vinci, a scholar, an inventor and innovator, who embodied the type of renaissance thinking we all wish to inspire in our children. Da Vinci's philosophy equally weighs arts, science, creativity and hard work. Like Da Vinci, we inspire children to make their own breakthroughs.

How Is VINCI Different From Other Products?

The only learning system using advanced technology and incorporating scientific findings specially designed for toddlers and young children, VINCI helps parents to set clear, realistic and age appropriate expectations. In a contained complete ecosystem including both the tablet computer and well researched learning apps, VINCI relieves busy parents from the pressure of finding the right educational tools, saving precious time in order to focus on the child.

What About The Child Spending So Much Screen Time?

The American Association of Pediatricians recommends no TV watching before a child reaches the age of 2. Although VINCI provides interactive playful learning, it is a recommendation that parents' guide their children to a variety of activities outdoor and indoor while using VINCI to compliment the process. For example, after a trip to the farm, parents can help their children to advance the experience further by playing VINCI farm game. 

As another example, parents can use VINCI to show their children the world diversity, animals and culture during a plane ride. No matter how great the tools are, children's best and most important teachers are their own parents. From 15 minutes a day at Level 1 to about 45 minutes daily for Level 3, parents are recommended to monitor and control play time and help children to build self-control capabilities.

Is It Safe?

One of the patented features of VINCI Tab is fully protective PVC, latex and BPA-free handle designed with the safest materials. Elimination of WiFi in the VINCI Tab ensures that potential harmful emissions are minimized and that a child is protected from uncensored content. Their products comply with Child Safety Standards.

VINCI Early Learning Objectives :

VINCI apps are a collection of progressive and interconnected content that supports the child's individual developmental stages, guided by VINCI Early Learning Objectives. It includes games, story books and music videos which covers many aspects of a developing child.

"It is a well-known fact that the first five years of a person's life are the most critical. This is the period during which character and attitudes are initially formed, and like every parent, I want to provide my child with fun tools that will help her build a positive attitude toward learning while developing essential skills necessary for the modern world." Dr. Dan D. Yang, inventor of VINCI said.

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