Meet The New Samsung SERIES 9 900X3C World's Thinnest Notebook - Impossibly Thin, Light & Impeccably Crafted

Description :
A closer look at the new Samsung SERIES 9 900X3C Notebook. So unique, uniformly flat and the thinnest (0.5 inch - 12.9mm) among 13" and 15" Notebooks with a 2nd Generation Intel®  Core Processor.

With its aero-dynamic styling and sleek matt-finished aluminium body, the new Samsung SERIES 9 900X3C is both incredibly thin and impeccably crafted. 

The Intel 3rd Generation Processor and SSD ensure fast boot-up (8 seconds) and wake times (Fast Start wakes your notebook from sleep in 1.4 seconds), plus all the processing power you need. 

In addition, the SuperBright HD Screen (400 nit Brightness) and backlit keyboard guarantee a comfortable user experience in any environment. Much more viewing area (Wider Screen) and images and text are incredibly sharp. It's also anti-reflective so you can see everything clearly even outdoors in the sunshine.

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