The Cloud Advantage : Online Backups And How They Can Help Your Biz

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The World Back-up day this year has been witness to many individuals and companies transiting to the platform of Online Backup for receiving heightened data security and protection in the cyber world. With an increasing need of protecting the huge amount of digital content that is contained in every computer in today’s world, there is possibly no better way to obtain that as well. Data-ending disasters are not uncommon and local back-up is more often than not, not enough to impede obliteration of data, irrespective of whether it is intentional, unintentional or accidental. 

The Cloud Advantage : Online Backups And How They Can Help Your Biz

While the idea of backup online solutions is not really bad and you can store some of your very valuable files in an external hard drive, with online storage becoming so inexpensive a means to do that, there is no reason as to why you should not reach out to the “Cloud” for doing it. Cloud backups can securely store all important data at a remote, off-site server, so that it stays intact and accessible, fully, even if the local storage tools are stolen and/or the computer is physically damaged.

Factors to consider 

The concept of Online Backup looks like a very simple scheme - your files are routinely uploaded to a sheltered server. And yet, quite a few features and factors need to be considered before choosing a vendor for it. What are they? Read on: 

- How fast the upload process is, i.e. whether all new and modified files are uploaded immediately. 

- Is syncing/sharing of data allowed in it? 

- Does it perform back-ups even when you have the files open? 

- How much is it going to cost? 

The Pricing 

When scouring the net for Online Backup vendors, the most important question to ask is about the quality of service (QoS) that it provides. Compromising price for quality is a strict no-no. The best Online Backup is not only about data storage, but also a lot about data security, restoration and recovery. 

Check the things that you need

- Are you keen to get “unlimited storage” for accommodating all the large files that you have in your hard disk? 

- Or are you more interested in getting coverage for multiple computers? 

Remember that “unlimited” does not necessarily mean infinite in the world of Online Backup. These plans do limit the buyer to the volume of storage that is actually present in the hard disk of the covered computer, maybe for 150GB-200GB, subsequently slackening down the transfer speed, after you exceed this limit. 

For a feel of what Online Backup exactly is and how it can help your data transit to the super secure world of Cloud computing, you can try out the free trail plans offered by most service providers.

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