Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

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How many times have you been sat somewhere and thought ‘I wish I had WiFi here?' One of the most frustrating aspects of technology is the limits placed before us. Sometimes WiFi is available but is unusable.  

Places We Would Love to Have Wi-Fi

Hot spots are starting to become more widespread, so the potential is certainly growing. Here are some of the places I would love to have WiFi:

On the bus / At the Bus Stop

Sometimes I think I have spent half of my life waiting for a bus. Then, naturally, three come together at once! The electronic timetable can be dysfunctional at best. The ability to surf whilst waiting for a bus would certainly make the experience less painful. Having access to an online, real time timetable would certainly be an advantage also.

Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

Then, when you board the bus, your journey can be a long one. What better way to kill time than to surf on your smart phone/iPad?

Doctors / Dentist Surgery

The dreaded wait to visit a Doctor or Surgeon can be a harrowing one. Nerves get frayed as the noise of the surgery can give you a headache before you have even been seen.

Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

The ability to surf whilst you are waiting would help with tension and boredom. With the numerous posters on display in surgeries, regarding abusive behavior towards staff, I am surprised that they have not considered utilizing WiFi, in an effort to help alleviate tension and assist in making the wait a more pleasant one.


The last time I was in a hospital, the WiFi (which I had paid for) was abysmal. Using the system in place by the hospital, I attempted to upload a photograph. After the fourth attempt I gave up.

Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

Hospital stays can be lengthy. Even the time waiting for a doctor to release you, can be a long arduous wait. Access to free, competent WiFi would most certainly help pass the time.

Shopping Center

The ability to access the internet at a shopping center is beginning to become popular. This service is very often limited to food areas or promotional areas.

Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

I personally (perhaps because I am spoiled), do not want my access to be limited. If I want to surf the internet in the public toilets, I at least want the option to be available to me.

Football Stadiums

You have arrived at the match with plenty of time to spare. You have avoided the dreaded, inevitable queues. You have your seat, your program, and now you have some time to kill. The internet is the logical way to pass that time.

Places We Would Love to Have WiFi

During the match you’d like to post some pictures of the football/your friends to your social networking site. You’d also like to check the scores of other football matches that are being held at that time, which you are missing because you are at this match.

WiFi access would be highly welcomed in a football stadium for many reasons. As yet, this is not currently broadly available.


WiFi hot spots are fast approaching many areas. Hopefully, these areas will extend to not only relieving boredom, but also to assist in alleviating tension, in areas where tempers can flare, making the experience a more pleasant one.

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Looking forward to hearing what you think.

*by andreascy*