Is Technology a Correct Fit for Golf?

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In recent years, there has been plenty of debate in golfing circles about the plus and minus points of new technology, and how it can give certain advantages to players who choose to embrace it. It’s become apparent that there is no right or wrong answer on this issue, so the arguments are likely to continue for many years to come. 

Is Technology a Correct Fit for Golf?

Ask any grizzled old golf pro about technology and the chances are the reply will include the phrase ‘in my day’. Many old-timers have become increasingly disillusioned with the way the game is played, perhaps especially in terms of how far the current players are actually able to hit the ball down the fairway.

The changes in ball structure mean the modern golf ball offers not only greater distance but a lot more spin, thereby allowing the players to have more control around the green. And while this is good news for the contemporary golfer it’s not considered ideal for spectators at major tournaments, who will often prefer to see the players facing a tougher challenge.

Club technology has also had an effect on shot distance, and the major manufacturers make extravagant claims about the abilities of their products. The constant development of head, shaft and grip materials has proved to be good news for the average golfer, even if there are criticisms about the way they affect the professional game.

R&D is everything

The big names in golf club manufacturing spend a small fortune of researching and developing new products, and on enlisting the world’s best players to endorse them. The golf equipment market is an extremely competitive one, so any technology that can give a particular item a head start on its rivals is likely to prove to be a commercial winner.

In the past few years, global positioning technology has allowed amateur golfers to gain an informed picture about the yardages that each shot entails. On most courses, there are yardage markers on each hole, often distanced 150 yards from the centre of the approaching green, but a GPS unit will allow players to ascertain exact figures at every point on the course.

To the outsider, it would appear that many golf fans are perhaps a little in two minds about technology. In other words, they would be happy to incorporate new gadgets and innovations into their own games, but are a little more reluctant to let it affect the professional sport.

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