Swiss Army Knives and the Power of the Personal Cloud

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It’s quite easy to get attracted by the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops being produced by the world’s leading manufacturers. The sleek and minimal exteriors are a marketer's dream, shinier than a buffed stainless steel kitchen and with more functions than a Swiss Army Knife. 

Swiss Army Knives and the Power of the Personal Cloud

However, it is likely that it will not be those super cool and seemingly irreplaceable devices that will be the sole focus for consumers over the next few years. That will be left to the thing that brings all these devices together, the so-called personal cloud.

But what is the personal cloud?

There are 3 facets to the personal cloud: storage, synchronization and streaming. Simply put, storing content online, seamlessly spreading it across all your devices and being able to access it and share it with others. 

As I see it, the personal cloud is the hub of the digital lifestyle, the Eco-system of all your content, the center of your cybernated universe...ok get the picture (I think the personal cloud is pretty important). The boffins at information technology market research agency, Gartner, agree. They suggest that the personal cloud is at the center of a $2 trillion a year consumer spend on content, devices and associated services. 

So, what this colossal spend really reflects is consumers desire to access content on any device without complexity or limitations. It may also be the case that the device itself becomes less important, (yeah that’s right, the lovely shiny Swiss Army Knife) as the integration of digital devices becomes the overriding factor.


Now, I’m not suggesting that consumers won’t run over the next generation phone, or think seriously about selling a kidney for the latest tablet. What I’m saying is that the availability of music, photos and other digital stuff, spread across all our devices and in a specially suited format, is what we users really crave. I believe that in the very near future, consumers will spend more time thinking about personal cloud providers and the speed in which they can share information with others, than they do today.

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