Google Continues To Expand Its Power

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Google is respected because thus far it has used its power in a socially responsible way that helps billions of people in one form or another. From pledging to put a robot on the moon to helping pave the way for wind powered energy, Google remains one of the world's most powerful, useful, and responsible organizations ever created. More than 85% of Internet users trust the Google search engine to lead them to the things they're looking for, and this shows in a big way.

Google's power begins with its technology, which continues to sweep through every major market, from the popular Google Play market to the image software that Google created, and on down to every major facet of social networking, Google is always on the go and always looking to create something new.

You can take advantage of Google's onward march and help them create something even better for the next generation.

Google Continues to Expand Its Power

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