Hospital Rooms of the Future

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Healthcare has evolved significantly over the past few decades. With the development and spread of new communication technologies, doctors can diagnose and treat a patient from a remote location.

For example, radiologists usually operate outside of a hospital environment. After an MRI scan, a technician will electronically transmit at image for a radiologist to read. After reading the image, a transcriptionist will create a detailed record of a radiologist's diagnosis. This is automatically transmitted back to a referring doctor.

Without this communication infrastructure, it would be impossible to diagnose and treat patients quickly.

Communication technologies also allow for remote treatment of some health problems. For example, there are several robotic surgery systems that allow a surgeon to conduct an operation from a remote location. This can be beneficial when an individual is receiving an operation from a rare specialist.

New advances in technology and healthcare have revolutionized the personal health industry.

Hospital Rooms of the Future

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