What is IPv6?

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Imagine a world where the post office has run out of addresses. In this world, people have to share the same address because there simply aren't enough to go around. While this may seem like a silly idea, this is a huge problem on the Internet. Like a physical address, the Internet uses addresses to route information to computers and servers. Due to the numerical limitations of the current address system, the Internet is about to run out of new addresses.

Fortunately, Internet engineers have been able to develop a new address system to correct this issue. With the IPv6 address system, it will be possible to create an unlimited number of new IP addresses. Since there are many new Internet-connected devices coming online every day, it's essential for the ICANN Internet authority to maintain the proper infrastructure needed to operate these devices. In addition, IPv6 may allow for a faster Internet connection in the future.

How Big is the Internet?

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