Five of the Best Toshiba Notebook Computers

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Toshiba, the Japanese electronics giant, manufactures a wide range of electronic products including the notebook laptop. Toshiba's notebook laptops come with the best hardware possible and provide seemingly unlimited processing capabilities. 

Five of the Best Toshiba Notebook Computers

Toshiba laptops also provide the best value for money to its customers. Among Toshiba's notebook laptops, five of the best notebook laptops are reviewed in detail here.

1. Toshiba Portege R705-P35

This Toshiba notebook uses one of the fastest processor available in the market place. It uses the Intel i3-370M processor that has a clock speed of 2.40 Ghz and is built with 2 cores. Toshiba portege comes with a hard drive capacity of 500 GB and a RAM capacity of 4GB. The type of memory used is DDR3, which has a speed of 1,066Mhz. It uses a Li-Ion Battery and has the capacity to last for 8 hours. It has a built in Web cam and a memory card reader. It belongs to the LED display type and the display size is 13.3 inches. This Toshiba notebook comes with an Intel Graphics card and an enhanced optical drive in the form of DVD- Super multi drive.

Connectivity Features:

It has the capability to support 4G wireless connectivity and has additional connection options in the form of Ethernet port, HDMI and USB 2.0.

2. Toshiba Satellite A665-S6058

This is one of Toshiba’s best computers period. It has a built in web cam and a memory card reader. The keyboard comes with a numeric 10 key keypad and multi touch touchpad. The speakers used in is this model are the popular Harman speakers that supports Dolby Advanced Audio capabilities. The Battery used is the Lithium-Ion battery that has the capacity to last 4 hours. It has a storage capacity of 500GB and comes with a 4GB DDR3 RAM. The display size is 16 inches and comes with a aspect ratio of 16:9. It comes with the NVIDIA graphics card, manufactured under optimus technology and a DVD Superdrive optical drive system.

Connectivity Features:

This model comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity and other connectivity options including HDMI port, Ethernet port, Headphone output and S-Video capabilities.

3. Toshiba Portege R835-P322

The main features available with this Toshiba model include backlit keyboard, Wireless display capability, memory card reader, fingerprint reader, touch pad mouse, multiple level password utilities and reinforced security cable lock slot. The display size is 13.3 inches and has an associated aspecr ratio of 16:9. The storage capacity is slightly higher than the other models at 750GB. The RAM used is a DDR3 6GB RAM, which can be extended up to 8GB.

Connectivity options:

This Toshiba notebook laptop supports Bluetooth, DLNA and Wi-Fi connectivity and has separate ports for HDMI, USB3.0 and Ethernet connections.

4. Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990X

This Toshiba model comes with Wi-Fi wireless connectivity and supports USB 2.0 and 3.0. Some of the features available include wireless display capability, built -n web cam and back lit keyboard. It has a display size of 14 inches and uses Intel graphics card for running multimedia applications. It weighs 4.9 pounds and has a hard drive capacity of 500GB and a RAM capacity of 4GB with the option of increasing it to 8GB.

Connectivity Options:

This notebook comes with everything you’d expect from Toshiba including Bluetooth, Wi-fi connectivity and DLNA. Plus Ethernet, two USB 3.0 connections and HDMI.

5. Toshiba Satellite P775-S7372

This is another excellent Satellite model that comes with amazing features including 8GB built in RAM, 750GB hard disk capacity, Intel HD graphics chip and the options for providing Wi-Fi connectivity. This notebook uses a Lithium-Ion battery and lasts for 4 hours. The display type is LED and the display size comes to 17.3 inches.

Connectivity Options:

Comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, a USB 3.0 socket and DLNA. This is one of the best lower end computers if you want the connectivity of more expensive models.

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I have recently decided that a Toshiba notebook laptop was the best option and bought the exceptional A665-S6058 model. You should too!

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