How The Internet Changed The World We Live In

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Technology is all around us; from the moment we get up and put on our digital radios at breakfast to the point at which we set our digital alarm clock before we go to sleep. It has even changed how communicate with each other. 

How The Internet Changed The World We Live In

Technology is now very much a way of life and is perhaps even a part of the structure of our existence, so much so that it could be argued that we take it for granted. This is no truer than for one of the greatest inventions of our generation, if not of all time: the Internet. It is hard to believe that up until the mid-90s, the Internet was not something most households could claim to have access to, but how times have changed.

The Downfall of the Newspaper Industry

One of the more noticeable changes which can be put down to the rise of the Internet is the recent fall from grace that the newspaper industry has suffered from. Although it would be harsh to say that newspaper journalism is a sinking ship, it is clear to anyone who has looked into the industry that the circulation of print media is dwindling like never before and the main reason for this is the instant availability of breaking news stories online

Although some news organisations have begun to utilise pay walls on their websites to try and gain more profit from their quality news produce, until this is pushed out across the board people will always be more likely to read the news online than in hard-copy. It is very unlikely that this will ever happen, but the cost of such dominance by the online media is likely to mean saying goodbye to more regional newspapers over the next few years.

What happened to Music?

Another huge change to the way we live which has come around due to the Internet is the way the majority of people now consume music. Less than a decade ago it was unthinkable that the CD would soon change from being the way the vast majority of music fans consumed music to a product which is beginning to lose the battle to online music players. The fight is looking more and more like it is becoming a pummelling truth be told, as there are not only services allowing your favourite tracks and albums to be downloaded for a small price straight to your hard drive, but there is also free music streaming which means that people don’t even have to pay to listen to their favourite bands anymore. Instead the Internet means that anything from the latest chart toppers to the obscure rock tracks your dad used to listen to are available at the click of a button. No wonder high street music retailers are beginning to feel the squeeze.

Don’t worry; it’s Not All Doom and Gloom

Yes, there have been some industries which have faltered where the Internet has blossomed, but that is just a fact of life: natural selection in the technological age if you will. Yet it is not as if the rise of the Internet is to blame for the downfall of newspaper journalism and music retailers. Instead it is in fact these industries that have not been able to act quickly enough to combat the changing tides of our world and have therefore begun to pay the ultimate price. 

It is important to point out that the Internet has most definitely brought us closer together with things like social media, enabling friends who have drifted apart through different educational or career choices to contact each other once again. The invention of email technology has seen inter-continental trade grow to become more common and much simpler than it was before the Internet was a commonplace tool within the workplace. 

So if you feel at all left behind by the age of the Internet or just need advice on some of the gadgets which you have in your home, then you may find that the advice and support we offer could really change your views on technology. What is clear is that with technology continuing to come on leaps and bounds on a yearly basis, it is imperative that you catch with the crowd or you put yourself in danger of being left behind. Contact us with your concerns.

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