How To Be An Ideal Parent

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A parent plays a pivotal role in a child’s life. The child derives emotional and physical strength along with social and intellectual support from them. The whole process of child rearing is very important in both the parent and child’s life. 

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Parents can be biological or otherwise, there are many cases of adoptions that have helped both parent and child begin a new phase in their lives. It is a proven fact that irrespective of the background of adopted child, the right kind of parenting can make a whole world of difference. This holds good even for biological children too. So here comes the question of how to be an ideal parent.

Choose your parenting style 

The parenting styles are to a large extent dependant on socio-economic factors and also the cultural background of the adults involved. On a general scale, as per research conducted by different people, parenting can be broadly classified into three categories.

One set of parenting style involves rather strict and rigid methods where the parent is quiet literally the dictator. There is no room for conversation or explanation and bad behavior attracts punishment without reason and rewarding amounts to over indulgence. The second set can be deemed moderate, authoritative parents who are strict with the rules but give some room for explanations and reasoning. They believe in punishing bad behavior and rewarding good ones as well. The third set of rules can be classified as rather liberal and soft parenting. Parents who choose this path give a lot of thought and hear out their child. They spend time with their children and treat them as individuals and give them time to learn well from bad.

The first two categories of parents may not approve of this kind of parenting and may classify as spoiling the child by sparing the rod, but it finally rests on the parent to choose a style that incorporates the best of all possible. 

Change with the situation and adopt different parenting skills 

Any parent with multiple children will be able to give an insight into the various skills they need to use on their different children. No two children can be dealt with the same way and juggling between the different set of rules can be a task for a parent. What works for their elder child or children may not work for the last-born and during the process parents learn about their own strengths and weaknesses.

Sailing through the process of parenting as a couple is a true joy though, a child has a different relationship with each parent and this cannot be compared on level ground. This is one of the main reasons that families play an important role in character building and children of broken marriages of single parents need to deal with different set of emotional problems. Parents in such situations also need to tread the line carefully to support and care for their child going through a difficult phase in life. Such situations can test parenting skills to the hilt. 

Even though there are no set rules to follow, changing according to the situation to get the best results is the key to successful parenting. There is plenty of information available for refreshing ones skills like blogs and websites. Friends and family offer great support too.

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