6 Reasons Trade Shows are More Important than Ever

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Entrepreneurs hold trade shows in high esteem because these events are a great way to connect to audiences and interested prospects. 


Whether you are looking to introduce a new product, announce a product development, or float a unique service or network with other business associates in the market; one cannot deny the sheer magnetic pull of a trade show.

Why Trade Shows are Witnessing a Rise

1. Brand Awareness

If there is a trade show that includes products and services that you work with, make it a point to attend. This is the place where all top brands and key players in your field will vie for consumer attention and display their products to the best of their ability. This can provide valuable learning ground for you as a manufacturer or a marketer. If you are participating in the trade show as a business, you can rest assured that you will find great public resonance for your brand if you correctly position what you offer.

2. Create the Right Connection with the Prospect

There will be some people who come to your booth just to check what you are offering while others are seriously interested in your product. You have to establish the right connection with these people. It is not necessary that you have the best eye-catching pamphlets and display boards; what matters is how you explain things to these people and get them interested in what you offer. It is important to create meaningful relationships with your customers and one of the best points of contact to do is the trade show.

3. Work the Sales Aspect

Many companies will offer some freebies, discounts, and promotional offers to interested prospects in a bid to convert them to customers. You can leverage these benefits to the satisfaction of your customer but it is even more important for the sales team to be informative and skillful without being pushy. Let the customers know how your product or service can serve their needs, highlight its best features, and assure them of good customer service.

4. Use the Power of Social Media

Harness the power of social media and gain the competitive advantage even before you showcase your product at a tradeshow. Pre-show marketing can be quite helpful; announce your brand's participation and offers in the trade show on your company's Facebook page, promote interactions on your social media channels, and send out mailers to interested parties. You can also put up a video on your YouTube channel and post live tweets and updates about your brand's presence on Twitter.

5. Better Lead Conversion

The impact of trade shows is such that people tend to have a higher recall value of the event. Your sales and marketing team can follow up on the leads created at the event by making a phone call, sending a promotional gift or subscription offer anything that can connect prospective customers to your brand.

6. Media Mileage

The press and other reporting agencies tend to be on the lookout for these trade shows. As a company, you can network with these agencies and give them marketing material and information which can be fodder for their news material. Their coverage of your brand can pique the curiosity of many people who will be interested in contacting you.

How to Improve Trade Show Exhibits

To improve your trade show exhibit, work on two components: man and material. Get the best sales and marketing team members to represent your product. They should be able to answer every query with total confidence and bring about interesting facets of your product or service to the audience.

The materials that you put on display in your booth should be eye-catching and visually appealing. The logo and the name of your brand should look radiant and stand out, enough to draw people to your booth. The marketing message or offer should be highlighted properly; the product demo, associated display elements, and marketing paraphernalia should be of excellent material. A strategically executed, creative campaign can steal the show for you in a trade show.

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