Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Comes To Australia

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Microsoft announces the arrival of its Surface Pro tablet in Australia. Users can choose from one of two options - either the 64GB one for $999 or the 128GB one for $1099. More than likely people in the Land Down Under are saying that it's about time.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Comes To Australia

After all, Microsoft already sells the Surface Pro in the United States, Canada, China, UK, and other countries. However, Australians probably also could say that late is usually better than never. 

The same is possibly true of what people in Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Russian, and Thailand would say when theirs arrive in June. Word has it that Japan will also finally receive shipments in the same month as some of the other Asian countries.

A Surface Pro Overview

Unlike most tablets, this one was made for both work and play in mind. In fact, this could possibly justify charging over $1,000 for the larger hard drive space. This device comes built with Touch Cover, Type Cover, HD AV and VGA adapters. It also features the Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition.

Surface Pro Versus Surface RT

Sometimes computer companies offer so many choices that deciding on the right device may not be easy. In this case, some consumers will find themselves having to decide to stick with the RT or to go Pro. The following lists show some major differences between the Pro and the RT:

The main Surface Pro specs are as follows: 

•  Thickness and weight - It is 13.5 mm thick and weighs about 903g. 
•  Price range - Microsoft will charge approximately $899 to $1099 for it. 
•  Screen resolution - It is an HD screen of 1920x1080 pixels. 
•  Surface - It supports up to 10-point input. 
•  Processor - This uses a third generation Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processors and 4GB of  RAM. 
•  Storage capacity - Users can purchase either the 64GB or 128GB model. 
•  USB and HDMI port - This one has the 3.0 USB slot as well as the Mini DisplayPort.
Here are the main Surface RT device specs: 

•  Thickness and weight -This device is 9.5 mm thick and weighs 686g. 
•  Price range - It costs approximately $600 to $800 
•  Screen resolution - It is 1366x768-pixels. 
•  Surface - This device supports up to 5-point input. 
•  Processor - This one uses the NVidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM 
•  Storage capacity - Users can choose either the 32GB or the 64GB model. 
•  USB and HDMI - This one has the 2.0 slot and the micro-HDMI port.
Additional Surface Pro Features

Much of the features of the Surface Pro Microsoft tablet compare to the original Surface RT. For instance, both tablets have a front and rear camera of 729p, and this picture-taking tool is angled. That way, it will be level when the device is angled.

Both the Surface Pro and the processor RT also have Bluetooth capabilities, USB slots, headphone jacks, and an SDXC card slot. They are also both Wi-fi ready, and they also both are meant for carrying around no matter where a person wants to go with it.

The only decision that Australian users have now is to decide based on the facts which one is better. In the end, the choice is easier as long as they know their priorities.

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