Easily and Accurately Convert PDFs Online

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If you are in need of a quick and accurate conversion from PDF into a more editable file format, PDFConverter.com’s free online conversion tool is one of the best available. This is a need that is encountered by many professionals and office workers on a regular basis since the PDF is such a readily used format, but at the same time, very much uneditable. If you receive information in the form of a PDF that you need to convert it into an editable text document or spreadsheet, this is a tool that can save you a lot of time and frustration. 

The tool offers four conversion options. Users can convert PDFs into very popular editable formats, namely Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They can also convert just about any type of document into a PDF using PDFConverter.com’s set of online tools. This comes in just as handy, since many people like to turn their files into PDFs for easier storage and distribution. 

The service is incredibly easy to use as well. 

Simple head over to this page, and then click on the file conversion type you need. Your document can be converted in just three easy steps.

Easily and Accurately Convert PDFs Online

1. Click on the “Choose file” button to select the file on your computer that you want to convert. 

2. Enter your email address. 

3. Click “Start!” to begin the conversion process. 

And that’s all there is too it. Once the file is converted, you will be sent a notification via email. The email you receive will contain a download link that will enable you to download your newly converted file. 

Convert scanned documents as well 

This online service sets itself apart from many similar ones by offering OCR conversion options as well. Optical Character Recognition technology is used to convert a scanned PDF document into an editable format. Most similar services don’t offer the option to convert scanned PDFs, but PDFConverter.com does, which makes it fairly unique when it comes to such online tools. 

No file size limits 

Another interesting feature of this service is that there is no file size limit. You can upload and convert a file of any size. Of course, larger files will take longer to convert, but PDFConverter.com does not limit you by setting a file size limit for your conversion.

Secure and safe 

The service also promises that your email information will never be shared with a third party. Also, your converted document and original document are deleted from the server after 24 hours, guaranteeing that your file will never be accessed or viewed by anyone but yourself. 

So if you are looking for a quick, convenient and accurate online PDF conversion service that additionally offers scanned document conversion options, look no further than PDFConverter.com.


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