4 Tips for Creating Searchable and Clickable Titles

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Remember back in junior high, when the guy who was running for student body president made posters that said “SEX! Now that I’ve got your attention, vote for Bob Smith for President”? While this somewhat juvenile humor made everyone giggle, it also made people stop and read Bob’s poster. 

4 Tips for Creating Searchable and Clickable Titles

Bob probably had no idea at the time, but his technique of knowing how to grab his audience’s attention is something that can be used today when people are creating titles for their blogs. Of course, they probably should not start with the word “SEX” in all-caps (unless that is what the blog is about), but Bob’s poster does illustrate the importance of an effective headline. 

As Verve Search notes, there are a whopping two million plus blogs being posted every day of the year. As a result, it is vital that the headline makes an impact. With that in mind, here are four tips on writing blog titles that are searchable and clickable. 

Follow Bob’s Example & Grab the Reader’s Attention 

You’ve just spent hours researching how to create a website. You've written a brilliant blog about how to get the best deals during the upcoming holiday season. If you title it something like “Christmas Shopping -- Save Money and Find Deals on Toys,” it might blend in with dozens of similar blogs. Instead, Verve Search suggests, go with an actionable “How to” title that explains what the article is about, and tempts the reader to read on. With that in mind, “How to Save Money this Christmas -- Even if You Don’t Like to Shop” is far more likely to get a reader to click on the title. 

Give Your Title “Open-ability” 

As Unbounce.com explains, sometimes a blog title will come up during an Internet search or on a social site like Facebook. To make sure as many people as possible will want to click on the title and open up the blog post, the article suggests making it as short and sweet as possible. Use key phrases that are known to intrigue readers. In addition to the aforementioned “how to” words, other phrases that tend to pique a reader’s interest are, “Top 5 Ways to,” and “Top 6 Tips for.” 

Tuck in a Keyword or 2 

If someone goes online to research which toys will be especially popular this holiday season, he or she may include keywords in the search such as “hot toys” and “Christmas.” As Unbounce notes, people are more likely to click on titles of blogs that contain some of the keywords they included in their search. Think like a search engine optimization expert, and try to predict what words people will use when searching the Internet for the blog topic. 

Be Clear About the Blog's Subject 

Yes, it’s important to come up with a title that is eye-catching and attention-grabbing and will entice the reader to click on it and read it. However, as SocialMediaToday.com points out, all of this will be for naught if the title does not accurately reflect what is in the article. In other words, don’t make the title so catchy and wacky the reader will feel like he or she is part of a bait-and-switch scheme. Respect the readers who are out there, and let the title explain what the article will be about.

We hope you found something useful in the above tips. Can you come up with additional tips on the subject? Share your tips as well. Go ahead and flood the Comments section! 

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