Yanzi Networks Uses Intel M2M Solutions to Make a Smart Farm

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Anyone old enough to know what the acronym Y2K means, knows about all the hype that floated around that you'd be able to browse the web on anything - you refrigerator, your microwave, your phone - no, wait, that last one came true...Regardless, while no one every promised that you'd be able to browse the web on a cow, it looks like, at the very least, the phrase "smart farm" may join the lexicon of the tech savvy - perhaps even a "smart cow". For those that don't know, the acronym M2M is short for Machine-to-Machine - which is simply a polite way of describing what happens when machines communicate with machines over the Internet, without ever bothering a human in the process.

The examples, in general, are numerous, from remote weather stations, to smart parking meters that make it easier to pay. But, in this example, we are showing how a farmer can use M2M to make their job easier.

While it won't (yet) allow for "remote milking" - it does allow the farmer to stay abreast of what is going on back at the farm, through a cell phone or any other web-enabled device, so that any "situations" (like say the temperature in the barn gets too cold) can be handled quickly & keep the animals safe.

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