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Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

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What sets a successful business apart from one that closes its doors after just a few short months? The numbers 20 and 80. These two figures make up what is known as the Pareto Principle, which is named after an Italian economic expert named Vilfredo Pareto. At the turn of the century, Pareto realized that just 20 percent of the people in Italy owned 80 percent of the land. What is interesting about the Pareto Principle is that it applies to all sorts of business-related statistics. 

Top 3 Tech Tools for Managers That Mean Business

For example, 20 percent of clients are typically responsible for 80 percent of sales, and 20 percent of employees usually help to bring in 80 percent of the customers. The 80/20 Rule, as it is commonly called, can be so powerful that smart business owners can use it to help grow their company. If they can figure out who their top sales people are, they can arm them with whatever tools are needed to help bring in the lion’s share of the clients.

In order for sales people to succeed in business and help become part of the incredible 20 percent who are responsible for bringing in 80 percent of the business, the following technological tools can help them, and managers, stay at the top of their game.

Mind Manager

Successful salespeople typically juggle a lot of plates at once. In order to keep ideas and projects organized, a software program like MindManager will come in handy. In addition to helping sales people brainstorm, it also allows them to create business plans, organize all of their tasks, manage meetings and much more. Essentially, MindManager helps salespeople keep tabs on and map out the dozens of ideas and plans they have in their heads in a cohesive and helpful way.

Salesforce Reporting

In order to grow their business, company owners need to know a variety of facts and figures, including which areas of the state or country have the most clients and which regions are less active. Salesforce reporting with InsightSquared allows business owners to effectively analyze how their salespeople are doing. In addition to showing in black and white which employees are doing the best, Salesforce will also help managers identify which team members need to step up their game and bring in more clients. As a bonus, while looking closely at regional sales and employee performance can take up a lot of time, Salesforce will do all of the heavy number crunching. This will give leaders more time to effectively manage and encourage their team of salespeople and inspire them to bring in as much business as possible.


Unlike the days of yore when being a successful salesperson only required having good powers of persuasion, these days each employee needs also to be aware of the various tools that can help his or her company succeed. Keeping tabs on the latest innovative tools can help salespeople get into that coveted 20 percent from the Pareto Principle. One Web-based tool that will help salespeople and managers succeed is ClearSlide. This tool allows sales reps to easily share presentations about products and services while also getting an accurate indication of their clients reactions with automatic alerts when links are clicked, or emails are opened. This helpful information can impact how effective a sales team can be, and allow them to make changes to their sales pitches as needed.

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The Hottest Fitness Gadgets on the Market

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Wearable fitness technology is all the rave right now from wristband trackers to electronic compression shirts. These, plus other gadgets, help monitor every aspect of a person’s workout from checking vitals and tracking weight goals to meeting and connecting with others. 

The Hottest Fitness Gadgets on the Market

If you’re looking for something to help bring your workout into the 21st century, check out these new and awesome fitness gadgets.

Benefits of Fitness Technology

Between wearable technology, smartphones and mobile fitness apps, fitness technology has the potential to revolutionize the world of workouts. For personal trainers, these devices can free up one-on-one time with clients and help them manage their fitness businesses. For consumers, fitness technology can help them meet whatever personal training or health goals they have from losing weight to just feeling better about themselves. The benefits of fitness technology are extensive. 

 They are convenient to use.

 Consumers can monitor their own activity and fitness goals.

 They can bring fun and excitement into a person’s workout routine.

 Fitness gadgets enhance the experience of physical exercise.

 They help consumers make the best use of modern technology.

Some of the coolest new fitness gadgets come with smart technology, which allows consumers to connect them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and that have social sharing features to keep consumers motivated and informed. Some of the newer fitness gadgets with smart technology feature processors from Snapdragon, which include integrated CPU, GPU, DSP and sensor processing. 

This technology lets users connect to their smartphones or tablets to upload and keep track of fitness activity. Items to consider when purchasing fitness include ease of use, battery life and purpose of measurement. 

Popular Wearable Fitness Gadgets

There are many fitness and exercise gadgets on the market, with the most common being:

 Wristband fitness tracker: There is a wide variety of wristband trackers from detecting sleep quality to measuring calories. The best trackers are the ones that sync automatically and can be used with all your devices. The Fitbit Flex tracks steps, distance and calories burned during the day, and sleep quality at night. It also gently wakes you in the morning.

 Samsung Gear Live: This Android smart watch acts as a personalized fitness manager by providing real-time information on the results and progress of your workout through its optical heart rate sensor. The Samsung Gear Live can be worn 24/7 to keep track of your activities throughout the day and runs on a Snapdragon 400 processor. It is dust and water resistant. 

 Notch Body Tracker: This wearable fitness device is worn in tandem with a number of trackers to provide even more detailed data. It tracks not only the number of steps taken in a day, but also their speed, acceleration and force. 

 Sports Sensors: Zepp’s Sports Sensors connect to baseball bats, golf gloves and tennis rackets and provides real-time data about the swings, angles at impact, speed and more. 

Whether you’re training for a marathon, want to lose a few pounds or you’re simply motivated to live a healthier lifestyle, wearable fitness gadgets have many benefits. This technology can help anyone with their fitness goals, and this fad doesn’t appear to be losing traction anytime soon.

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3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

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With the right tools at their disposal, construction managers attempt to deliver projects on-budget and in-time. That’s the exact aim of the developers behind construction project management tools. 

Previously, these software-based tools had a limitation of tying contractors to a computer. But with the development of the cloud & mobile-based applications, the information and applications allow construction company employees to work in collaboration without being tied to a specific location. 

3 Best Tools For Construction Project Management

Also, contractors are able to access their information from any portable computer, smartphone, tablet, or device. The only thing required is a decent internet connection. So moving to the cloud and deploying mobile resources have answered many challenges faced by the construction industry. Additionally, modern software solutions are well-equipped in terms of security and can provide better information protection. 

Acknowledging all these developments, here are the 3 best tools construction managers and other users can leverage for seamless construction project management: 


Beyond texts and email, there are tools like Flippex that provide comprehensive collaboration and communication with clients. Such tools also provide documentation on material, order changes, and allowance items. One of the main benefits is improved communication between you and your clients as well as your sub-contractors and your staff. 

Flippex also provides an update when a client logs-in, streams a video, executes a document, downloads an agreement, or carries out any other system activity. You can also upload items to keep clients updated on the progress particular projects. Think of Flippex being a central repository of all the content of each project; you don’t have to worry about if everyone has the latest content at hand and it can be accessed 24 hours a day from any remote location over the web. 

Procore construction management software 

This software bypasses the ‘specific machine’ trap by letting users have instant access with a user ID and password. This means every web-connected machine has access to the software, so that your team members can get their work done wherever they are. Procore becomes the central repository for all change orders, RFI responses and statuses, schedule changes, project documents, and photos. Any documents impacting the project can be stored within the cloud. 

Users can also contact Procore for dedicated account management, tips on implementation, and customer support. 


This software lets you manage relationships with prospects, clients and contractors in a single location; from the start of the contact till project completion, Saleslgoix helps in keeping track of all documentation, interaction, and communications throughout the project’s duration. Users are empowered to share data across departments via a single database that can be accessed from both within and outside the office. 

Other features include entering all contacts and communicating with them in a consolidating place, keeping track of client meeting by role, and flagging and setting reminders for client communication about status updates, change orders, RFIs, and more. 

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The Future Is Now: Self-Healing Phones Hit the Market

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According to SquareTrade, 25.6 percent of iPhone owners reported failure within the first two years with 18.1 percent caused from accidental damage. Another 7.5 percent of failures were caused from hardware malfunction. 

The Future Is Now: Self-Healing Phones Hit the Market

But, what if that dismal number could be slashed by new cell phones that could heal themselves? It may sound like science fiction, but self-healing phones are already making their way to the marketplace.

Biomimicry Technology

How can a phone heal itself without any human intervention? Well, engineers at the University of Pittsburgh are experimenting with biomimicry, or materials modeled after the human body. Think about when we get a cut. We get a scab, and it heals with little effort. Now, self-healing polymers can mimic that function and repair themselves.

Cell phones repair themselves by restoring their initial molecular structure. While a phone currently can’t repair itself after being run over by a truck, flattened and destroyed, it is possible for it to heal broken circuits and scratches. This could mean less consumer consumption and waste as cell phones become more impervious to damage.

Self-Healing Circuits

Scientists at the University of Illinois are developing a system of capsules inserted along the phone's circuits and filled with liquid metal. If the circuit is broken, the liquid is released to restore its connection and return the electrical flow. This could mean that cell phone users would never even know their phone broke before its fixed and working again. It also could avoid going in for diagnostic testing because the self-healing circuits would figure it out on their own.

Self-Healing Scratches

While we wait for self-healing circuits to hit the market, there is a phone ready for public use. The LG G Flex comes with a curved, OLED display that can actually bend for a limited period of time. This helps keep the screen and phone bend instead of cracking upon impact.

The phone also has a self-healing coat of paint that can withstand wear and tear and heal itself after piercings by sharp objects like keys or a blade. This also makes it easier to grip while it heals itself from scratches.


So, we know the LG G Flex can bend and heal itself to a certain extent. But how is its overall user functionality? The phone's large, 6-inch HD curved screen gives it a distinctively cinematic experience. Its contoured shape aligns with your face and keeps the gap minimized between your mouth and the microphone to boost the voice quality. And, people love its long battery life.

Although the reception has been mostly favorable, the one complaint is that the 13-megapixel camera does not live up to expectations. Like many camera phones, it does not do well in low-light situations, and it is difficult to change the brightness.

Other Self-Healing Products

Are you wondering if self-healing polymers and new innovations in self-healing materials are wasted on clumsy cell phone users? Well, self-healing products are already in the public and private marketplace. An article in Forbes explains that now, tanks have the ability to let a bullet through its exterior and snap its damaged frame back into shape in less than a second. NASCAR also uses racetrack barriers that can withstand impact from a racing car, absorb it and return back to its original shape. And, cars are already employing self-healing paints and coats that enable healing in the sunlight. So, it's about time phones caught up with the future.

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