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Tech for the Sales Team

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Every salesperson and sales manager has some war stories—the customer from hell, the disastrous sales trip and the awkward moments during conference calls. Add on jet lag, busy schedules and lonely road trips to create a challenging career. But, a tough day is worth it when you land that huge new customer or close the big deals. 

Tech for the Sales Team

It can be easy for sales people to get overwhelmed with the complexities of prospecting for new business, traveling frequently and preparing for important presentations. That’s where new technology can make a real difference. Current technology can automate critical sales tasks, keep salespeople organized and help them make the best impression with customers.

Cloud Solutions

With sales teams spread out over different territories, busy sales managers need cloud tech solutions to stay competitive. Cloud providers like Mozy give sales managers a user-friendly console to manage sales data and users from one source. Mozy also provides the security of cloud backup and access from anywhere for busy sales teams on the go. The Mozy Sync feature lets sales reps access company sales data securely with their own devices at the office or remotely.

Make Emails and Calls More Efficient

Scheduling is a challenge for busy salespeople on the road. Anything that makes scheduling appointments easier and faster can mean the difference between making 10 calls or 30 calls in a day. Tools like TimeTrade let salespeople embed their availability into sales emails, and save them time and improve their efficiency with a “Click to Schedule” button. It also syncs with Google and Salesforce so sales reps can easily access, control and publish their availability without a lot of back and forth communications.

Moreover, automating outbound calls with tools like, which syncs with Salesforce and provides call analytics, gives your sales people an edge. The cloud-based outbound dialer also uses phone numbers with local area codes to increase the probability of calls getting through.

Never Forget a Thank You

Follow up and showing appreciation are important to sales and customer service. The personal touch of thank you cards adds a layer of courtesy and attention that customers remember, and the little things matter. Although it’s not always easy to find the time for all the follow up you’d like, busy salespeople now can utilize services such as Booked Solid Cards, an online service that sends out personalized thank you cards in your handwriting and with your signature. All they have to do is enter an email, and users report that it costs less than buying and mailing cards yourself.

Use Smartphone Apps to Work Faster and Better

Apps are the latest tools for sales people. Salespeople rely on their company’s customer relationship management system and absolutely need a companion mobile app to access it while away from the office, says Forbes contributor Gene Marks.

Marks also highly recommends a mobile payment processor like Square to collect deposits and payments on delivery, prepayments and customer information up front. This prevents them from waiting for an accounting process like invoicing and statements or follow up collection calls.

Another great app is Xpenser, which helps busy salespeople keep track of expenses in real time instead of waiting for a monthly reconciliation where critical expense documentation may be lost or forgotten. Marks reminds busy salespeople that many sales software products already have built in mobile expense management features so they might need to check with their IT department first.

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8 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 5c

Description :

A few weeks ago the Spotify app stopped working on my old phone, a Samsung Galaxy Ace. The phone itself was just too old to support the new flashy Spotify app. 

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

On it's own that would have been alright, but to me it just added to the long list of annoyances I had with limited space on top of the list. 

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

So it was time for an upgrade, and what phone offers a better upgrade than an iPhone right? I had to choose between the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. Tough choice, but eventually, after camping out in the phone store for about two hours and nearly driving the staff insane I chose the iPhone 5c. Here are eight reasons why i bought this phone and why you should too: 

1. Add Some Color In Your Life 

It’s probably the first thing you notice when you see the iPhone 5c. The colors are amazing and pop out, especially when you compare them to the limited colors of the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5c comes in white, green, blue, pink and yellow with the familiar black front. 

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

Personally I strongly believe in the theory that colors have an influence on our emotions and focus, which is why I choose blue. Blue helps you focus and relax, and it keeps you awake. It’s also my favorite color. 

2. It’s The Biggest Out Of The Three Versions

Okay, so the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c have about the same screen sizes at 4 inch (the total height between the two only differentiates by 0.03 inch). 

8 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 5c

But when you compare that to the 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone 4s the difference is big, especially in the land of smartphones

3. The screen is beautiful

Recently I got addicted to Suits, a series about a bunch of attorneys from a big law firm in New York. I highly recommend you watch it, especially on this phone. 

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

The 4-inch Retina display with a 1136 by 640 resolutions lets both colors and details pop out more than in many HD TVs

4. The material it’s made off makes it less likely for the screen to crack 

I am a serious klutz. I think I dropped my old phone over a million times and to be really honest, all those horror stories about the screen of iPhones cracking after falling once make me shiver. That was the number one reason why I got an iPhone after so long. 

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

Turns out that plastic buffers the fall way better than metal ever will, which is kind for your screen as well. Even so, it might be a great idea to get a case when you decide to buy the iPhone 5c. As with all iPhones there is a huge variety of cases you can choose from. 

5. The iOS 7 

A big difference between the iPhone 4s and the iPhone 5c and 5s is that the latter two run on iOS 7, Apple’s newest operating system

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

iOS 7 brings a lot of changes along with it like:

● Beautifully and more minimalistic icons for apps

● A new and better Siri, with integrated Wikipedia and different voices that can be male or female.

● Control center, where you have quick access to turning things like your WiFi ON and OFF. It made the switch from Android to iPhone a whole lot easier, knowing I can change my settings just as easily. 

● Airdrop, which is Bluetooth made better. 

6. Make better pictures 

The iPhone 5c has a better front camera than the iPhone 5 and thanks to iOS 7 the camera works better, too. 

8 Reasons To Buy The iPhone 5c

You can change filters, sizes and make a panorama picture with just a tap. The pictures are amazing quality, even if the subject moves or your hand is a little shaky. 

7. It’s faster than most phones

Compared to the iPhone 5c my old phone was a tractor. Everything runs smoothly and I don’t have to wait for website pages to load or for apps to finally load any images. Of course this links back to iOS 7 again, but for those of us used to slow phones, having a phone actually run quickly is like a breath of fresh air. 

8. It’s cheaper than most iPhones

Apple is a brand that likes to give an exclusive and special feel to their products and if there is one thing that screams exclusive it’s high prices. Apple knows this, and sadly your wallet does, too. The iPhone 5c is priced slightly lower than normal iPhones and especially the 8 gig version is a good pick when you are low on cash.

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10 Reasons Why The World Should Go Solar

Description :

Guys, what's up? 5K+ people in this amazing group of Tech lovers and climbing! So proud to be connected with all of you. We have a better way! We like you too!

You’ve probably heard of it; Solar Power. The way to go green by using the sun for electricity and much, much more. 

10 Reasons Why The World Should Go Solar

If you take a serious look into all the possibilities that solar power has to offer, you are going to wonder why the whole world is not running on it yet. Here are the 10 reasons why the world should go solar:

1. It saves you money

One of the things that make Solar Power stand out is how on the long haul you are going to save money. Sure, getting them might be a bit expensive, but after a few years your wallet is going to thank you. Money saved can go up to $2400 a year (for homeowners) and up to $6000 a year (for business owners). You could take the family to Disney for that money. 

2. Solar energy is a way to escape the hold countries have on other countries

A lot of natural resources like oil, coal and gas are imported into our country from other countries. This means that when something happens in those countries, like lets say a war, we could potentially be cut off from supplies. Solar Power does not face that problem as it is possible in any country anywhere. 

3. It’s better for the climate 

Critics have pointed out that by making solar panels certain chemicals are released into out atmosphere that form a bigger danger than carbon dioxide. What they fail to mention is that more carbon dioxide is released into the air per day from all over the world than the chemicals used to make solar panels. For solar panels this is a one time thing, once it’s made it’s made and no chemicals are released anymore and that’s better for the climate than your car ever will be. 

4. Jobs 

If there is more solar power used there will also be more jobs for people out there. Especially in this economy those are needed, as unemployment rates are still on the rise in almost all of the countries across the globe. By creating a bigger market for solar power you will also be creating more jobs for more people. 

5. The sun isn’t going to run out of light 

Another of the pros of solar power is the fact that the sun won’t be running out of light anytime soon. However we will be through natural resources like oil and gas eventually. 

6. It has many purposes 

Solar power can be used in an infinite number of ways. The only thing that’s limiting us is our creativity. Currently there are satellites in our inner and outer atmosphere completely powered by solar power. Cars that break speed records are powered by solar power. In Africa water is being distilled by solar power.. Well, isn't that awesome?!

7. It’s easily integratable into your home or community 

Your house probably already has a roof where you can place solar panels, but even for those of us who live in apartment buildings there are great options available. By placing a field with solar panels inside a community, or outside a town when you need more space, you can easily generate enough energy for a whole neighbourhood. Which brings me onto my next point..

8. It’s usable everywhere 

Any country and any person in the world could live off of solar power. It could easily change the world and save a lot of people who are currently dying because of the lack of electricity, heating or drinkable water. 

9. Solar powered roads 

Not that long ago a huge online fundraiser for solar roadways was held. They got way more than their original goal of $1 million and no wonder. Solar Roadways are freaking awesome and here’s why; They will make driving safer for people and for animals, because they light up when anything walks over them, heat up in cold areas so the roads are not snowy and more. Plus they are very durable and take way less maintenance than those asphalt roads. Want to know more about this amazing project? Check them out here.

10. Low maintenance

Solar Power is low maintenance. Did you know that solar panels only have to be cleaned a few times a year? With everything you get out of them that’s just a small price to pay. Once your installation is up, there is almost nothing to do to maintain the installation.

The Bottom Line is: Solar Power has the power to change the world and it’s all up to us whether or not we take all the opportunities it has to offer to make this world a better one. 

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Making BYOD Work For Your Company

Description :

Many businesses are getting in tune with the digital age, and one of the ways they are doing it is by adopting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy for employees. 

It is a process that has been somewhat slow to be fully adopted by businesses for a few reasons. First, many employers are hesitant to let their employees store private company documents on their own devices for fear that the privacy is compromised. Also, if certain business applications and log ins are used on the employee devices, and the employee leaves to go work for a rival company, they can still view and log in to those applications. 

Making BYOD Work For Your Company

Through mobile device management (MDM), your business can take the necessary steps in making sure that it will not get burned by instituting a BYOD policy. In fact, the two go hand in hand. In order to execute a safe BYOD policy, companies also need to employ an MDM strategy. Mobile communication companies like BlackBerry have been offering MDM solutions for several years. As the BYOD and MDM trend continue to gain interest, services are becoming even more readily available. 

Since BYOD policies are gaining much attention, companies are starting to realize the importance of some of the benefits, such as saving money on hardware, reserving IT resources and creating employee satisfaction. Companies still have to be careful when implementing a BYOD policy because no two companies are identical, so your approach should be tailored. 

Here are a few management best practices to help make BYOD work for your company:

 It is important, first and foremost, to have your employees agree to all levels of a BYOD policy, and do it in writing. This will help all parties maintain a smooth working relationship within the BYOD policy.

 The policy should be clear on what happens if the device is lost or stolen. Companies have the capability to wipe out all of the data associated with their private documents to prevent unauthorized access. 

 Business documents and personal documents need to be divided from each other. This can be done through good application management and programming.

 The policy also needs to clearly state that the devices be compliant with laws and regulations specific to the company’s industry. For example, if you work in government, you need to make sure that by having a BYOD policy, you aren’t violating any legal or confidentiality policies.

 There needs to be a policy about what to do with the device if an employee is terminated for any reason. People change jobs all the time, and you’d hate for them to be able to access all of your company documents after their time there is done, especially if they move on to work for a rival company.

 Lastly, your BYOD policy needs to clearly state that each employee needs to follow specific security guidelines. All personal devices used in a BYOD policy must be secure so as they cannot be exposed to malware, viruses, hacks or any other security breach.

Since there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to a BYOD policy, there is definitely a way to cater it so it works for your company. 

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